Are you ready to truly understand yourself and those around you as well as your purpose during this lifetime?

Are you ready to transform the way you receive messages from the cosmos and Mother Nature?

Are you ready to amplify your life with ancient knowledge that you will learn to apply simply in your day-to-day life?
Learn how to understand your life’s blueprint through astrology, then discover new ways to use essential oils to support you in transcending into a life beyond your wildest dreams.

If you have ever felt lost in the past or find yourself interested in essential oils and astrology and don't know where to start - this is a certified, educational 7-month course to help you take yourself, your power and your personal connection with the cosmos and Mumma Gaia from mystery to mastery. 

Spiritual Aromatherapy and Astrology is a course to help you bridge your personal connection with the universe and create aligned learning and action to give you the confidence to live a richer, deeper and more fulfilling life. 

Expand your essential oil knowledge for yourself, your loved ones and even your business, in new and powerful ways.

How is this course unique?

Combining the ancient wisdom of both plant medicine and astrology you will find yourself at a gateway between the seen and unseen realms. With a key to live more harmoniously with the greater mysteries and everyday life. 
No more second guessing or having to look up complex meanings. This course will highlight clear pathways and simple solutions and techniques to understand the messages of the plants and planets. 

Essential oils act as a bridge of clarity between your conscious state and intuition. They can guide you to see ‘beyond the veil’ and to trust your inner guidance more deeply as you align with the Divine.

This course will take you on a journey within, encouraging you to create a profound connection with each plant and planet. You will develop a more intimate relationship with them. 

This certified training is effective and to the point, you will learn the stories of plants and planets, basic chemistry to guide you to better understand the spiritual principles and to harmonise what is out of sync. 

You will journey with the five elements, potent essential oils and learn more about your astrological life map. 

Gain the confidence you desire to apply this new knowledge to life and receive a certificate of completion at the end.

This course is for those...

Who want to be guided by renowned international aromatherapy and spiritual teachers Adam Barralet and Vanessa Jean, to gain a deeper understanding of the spiritual aspects and capabilities of essential oils and how they can be applied to an individual’s astrological traits.

This course is for those working in healing modalities such as aromatherapy, naturopathy, kinesiology, crystal healing or astrologers as well as individuals interested in expanding their knowledge of both astrology and aromatherapy for their own personal self-development.

As a participant in this course, you will learn to interpret your own and other’s astrological blueprints. 

This will give you a deeper understanding into:

• Where your natural brilliance exists to shine brightest.
• How your emotions guide you and obtain emotional mastery.
• How you can best communicate and keep your life interesting.
• What you truly value.
• The best way to pursue your desires.
• Where you can best find good fortune and luck in your life.
• How to remain disciplined and focused on fulfilling your life’s calling.
• Living a more heart centred and joyful (or passionate) life.
• Your personal vision of beauty for the world.
• Your inner motivation and driving factors.
• How to nourish yourself.
• Connecting with a deeper capacity to love.
• Opening your heart to deeper intimacy.
• How to keep passion alive in your life.
• How you should handle conflict.
• Your soul wound.

Once you have a complete understanding of each of these aspects of inner knowing and truth, you will be given essential oil guidance on what essential oil will help you shine in each of these areas and which essential oil to use for support during times when you feel out of balance.

Upon completion of this course, you will have the ability to...

• Draw certain aspects of an individual’s character based on an analysis of their birth chart.

• Understand certain times of the year when challenges and opportunities arise based on astrological phenomena.

• Ascertain the best essential oils to help yourself and others shine in different situations as well as bring them back into balance at times of struggle or disharmony.

  • Provide certification of completion of these teachings.

What's included?

  • Companion guide and astrological aromatherapy reference tables
  • Fortnightly 90-minute live sessions with Vanessa Jean and Adam Barralet
  • One immersive online Aromatherapy Retreat - covering basic chemistry, spiritual aspects, blending and more
  • Recordings of all sessions
  • A dedicated portal for all recordings, materials and resources
  • Certificate of Completion

Discover more via the Syllabus below:


See, feel and sense what it is like to join us as we share about essential oils and our book Gifts of the Essential Oils in the below Masterclass.

This will give you an idea of how we guide and share space.


We will gather every second Tuesday starting May 2nd, 2023, until November 14th, 2023. Meeting via zoom FOR 90-minutes at 6pm AWST one week and 12noon AWST the next.

Session dates and times below:
6pm, May 2nd
12noon, May 16th
6pm, May 30th
12noon, June 13th
Pre-recorded session, June 27th
12noon, July 11th
6pm, July 25th - 3hr Aromatherapy Retreat 
12noon, August 8th
6pm, August 22nd
12noon, September 5th
6pm, September 19th
12noon, October 3rd
6pm, October 17th
12noon, October 31st
6pm, November 14th

With the exception of the pre-recorded June session, each session will be live and interactive, where you will have the ability to ask questions and offer reflections during both the recorded and off recorded time. Each session is in depth, lots of fun and very easy to follow and understand. So, whether you are a novice or experienced, you are going to love gathering as a community each month and learning from Vanessa Jean and Adam.

Replays will be available in the course portal along with relevant handouts for each session within 48hrs.

An online portal
This course is hosted via the online Thinkific portal space.
Everything you need will be contained in this Thinkific space for you. The Live sessions will be delivered via Zoom and all the details will be accessed via the Thinkific portal, along with every recording for those who can't join us live.

*Thinkific is FREE to join. You will be asked to create a Thinkific account before you enter your payment details (this requires less than one minute of your time - enter your email and choose your password).

We have a wonderful support team that will help you every step of the way.

Facebook Community
You will receive instant access to the Facebook group upon enrolment. A space to connect, ask questions and receive help.

  • Gifts of the Essential Oils – 2nd Edition Book (REQUIRED textbook)
  • Magic of the Essential Oils Oracle cards (REQUIRED)
  • Gifts of the Essential Oils Companion Cards (OPTIONAL)
  • Pure Essential Oil selection - we recommend doTERRA
In order to fully participate in this course, it is vital for you to have access to the most pristine essential oils on the planet. As a celebration of the launch of this new course, Vanessa Jean and Adam are gifting those joining who either do not have a doTERRA account, or one they have not used in 2+ years, a welcome set of essential oils. The oils will be sent to you over two months and selected based on your astrological chart:

You will also receive access to a VIP education group, a two week how to use oils e-course and a wellness consult as part of your welcome to our plant medicine family.

This gift is included in the price of the course.

Sacred Investment

Please note we do have a global market here due to the nature of our offerings being made available online. Therefore, our prices are charged in USD to try and accommodate all. For those in Australia and New Zealand we have been mindful to keep the exchange low for 7-months together, due to the USD conversion.

All payments are processes through our Thinkific Portal, including the monthly payments. The monthly payments start upon enrolment and will automatically be taken on the same date over consecutive months from the payment method you used upon enrolment. You gain instant access to this course upon enrolment, where you will find a beautiful welcome series of eBooks and PDFs (note: these are LIVE sessions so you will not find any 'classes' - just scheduled LIVES).



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with Adam Barralet

Would you like to immerse more deeply into the world of crystals and angels?

Bonus Crystal Lesson
Join Adam for a bonus lesson discovering which crystals you can use in conjunction with each planetary oil in order to enhance the benefits you receive.

Bonus Angel Lesson
Join Adam for a bonus lesson discovering which angels you can use in conjunction with each planetary oil in order to enhance the benefits you receive.

Personalised Asteroid Placement Consult
Adam Barralet will prepare a report and then discuss with you via a 1:1 Zoom meeting which asteroids are most prominent in your birth chart. Would you like to have your own personalised Asteroid Placement Consult that will allow you to understand your astrological make up on a deeper level as well as which heavenly archetypes are a source of personal power for you?

Add these 3 bonus lessons to your Spiritual Aromatherapy & Astrology Course for an extra $222USD! 

Add just the Crystal and Angel lessons for $74USD! 

Or add just the Personalised Asteroid Placement Consult for $167USD!

Choose your option below - you will be taken to the checkout and your Spiritual Aromatherapy & Astrology Course plus your chosen upgrades will be bundled together for one easy payment process.

Each lesson is a LIVE Zoom (recorded for replay):
Bonus Crystal Lesson - August 1st
Bonus Angel Lesson - September 28th
Personalised Asteroid Consult to be booked with Adam upon enrolment

Your Guides

Adam Barralet

Astrologer, author, teacher, crystal and tarot reader, Adam Barralet has been observing and living in tune with nature since childhood. Growing up amongst the bushland and wildlife of the hills in Western Australia and residing in various locations around the world has presented Adam with diverse opportunities to access extensive and eclectic teachings about the secrets of Mother Earth. 

All this knowledge he takes back to nature, with a crystal in one hand, oil in the other and the moon as his consort, to rediscover the ways of old and how they can again be used to help us in today’s world.

Vanessa Jean

Vanessa Jean is a Clinical Aromatherapist, Presidential Diamond doTERRA leader, intuitive channel, mentor, author and energy-worker. Mumma Gaia is her muse, and she is devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birth right to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. Her heart song always brings her back to this and Mumma Gaia.

Vanessa’s life is dedicated to walking side by side with men and women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive in her, and it is her desire to initiate and guide those she journeys with, home to their truth.

Discovery Call

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