Personal Development

YouTube: Vanessa Jean - Ranking with Consciousness - a Meditation link
In this meditation, Vanessa Jean takes you on a journey inward as you reflect on life and how to rank with consciousness.

YouTube: Vanessa Jean - Beacon of Light Meditation link
Vanessa Jean guides you on a mediation to awaken you to your truth - you are a Beacon of Light.

YouTube: Vanessa Jean: presenting on the work of Byron Katie link
Vanessa Jean takes you through the brilliant work of Byron Katie during this presentation. Please go to to find the material presented here. PowerPoint Presentation.

YouTube: Paul Ovens - Your Money Story

Developmental Stages (Share Success) Developmental Stages_Goddard Slide.jpg

Belief Summit (Share Success) Belief-Summit-1.png

One Thing Mentoring link
Check the rank you are hitting organically. Rate your belief and actions. If you think of your doTERRA business as an engine, belief is the fuel. Your influence grows relative to the size of your belief. Continue to build yours by engaging in PIPES activities, personal development, and other supports. 

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT PowerPoint link

EFT Handout: Afraid to Shine link
From a Transformations workshop in 2016.

EFT Handout: Resistance to Change link
From a Transformations workshop in 2016.
Paul and Vanessa Jean recommend the work of Dr Joe Dispenza. 

Here are meditations they recommend you try out link:

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself book meditations
  • Blessing of the Energy Centers #1 meditation
  • Morning and Evening meditations
  • Tuning in to New Potentials meditation
  • Reconditioning the Body to a New Mind meditation

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