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Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens, doTERRA Presidential Diamond and Australian Founder

I’m a madly in love Mummy, an Elegant Hippy, Fierce Guardian of Mother Earth and Fanatical Foodie.  I’m a Gratitude Crusader, Love Bubble Blower and professional Joy Spreader.  Come join me on this magical carpet ride full of juiciness, light and connection.

Vanessa Jean

I’m a Lover of People, Elevator of the Spirit, Success Simplicity Strategist and Belief Whisperer.  I’m addicted to raising people up, Mindset Mastery and living a life less ordinary.  Let’s Partner Deeply and Live by Design, not by default. 

Paul Ovens
Paul Ovens, doTERRA Presidential Diamond and Australian Founder
Together we create to serve the higher good, building from a foundation of love, leading with soul and joy.

We are a guiding force of hope, alchemists of abundance, creators of ease and champions of human capacity.

Let’s unearth the divine spark in you.   
Paul and Vanessa Jean, Presidential Diamonds and Australian Founders

Essential Oil Magic

It’s time to dance with mother earth’s most precious gifts.
We invite you to rise in love with these essential oils and to allow their melody to weave into the very fabric of your being.

I’m ready to oil up!  

Book your FREE wellness consult today and learn how essential oils can help transform your emotions, health and life.

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doTERRA essential oils, Paul and Vanessa Jean
Let's partner up in an amazing home based business
Let's Partner Up

Ready to turn up the flow of love, abundance and happiness in your life?

There are many rays of abundance, together we can explore them and create a new life and a whole 
new you…  your style! 

Let’s dream BIG… then dream Bigger. 

Yes I'm Ready!



Connect with us and let’s explore how together we can create the you you’ve always wanted to be.  The version of yourself that looks in the mirror and is excited by what you see and the future you’re designing. 

Become the architect of your ideal life.

I'm Ready to Re-Imagine Me!

Paul and Vanessa Jean together at home
Paul Ovens presenting their business training (in doTERRA) in Queensland, Australia
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Vanessa Jean on stage at doTERRA Convention in 2018 in front of 5000 people


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