We combine to create a powerful force as leaders in network marketing with a business spanning 43 countries. We share a vision of this industry, as one that has earned universal respect through professionalism, integrity and love. To this end we have redefined our vocation as ‘Connection Marketing’.
Our success has been driven by a strong focus on bringing people together and creating community connection through heart based, servant leadership and the joy we spread as we walk the ‘Path of the Soultrepreneur’.
With a background in psychology and over 20 years experience in integrative therapies, Vanessa Jean brings her strengths to the fore assisting others in the field of personal development.
Paul has invested the last 2 decades in training and inspiring teams to reach the top of their field in two direct sales companies.
Together we share a passion for freeing people from the matrix and the prisons of life, to return to love as sovereign, empowered beings.

We offer a range of ways to engage with us to help you let go of the baggage, reimagine your relationship with yourself and live a life rich in meaning, inspiration and accomplishment.

It’s coaching, choose your own adventure style.  You can dip your toe in the water with a single session, select a package to go deeper and discover your purpose and begin to manifest that in your life or dip into the well of infinity and learn how to become the architect of a life you could only have dreamed of with our expand your horizons online monthly course.  

Learn how to attract all the experiences and outcomes that have been eluding you.
Paul and Vanessa Jean at home, surrounded by their many books and teachings that they pass on in their coaching and mentoring.
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