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We combine to create a powerful force as leaders in network marketing with a business spanning 43 countries. We share a vision of this industry, as one that has earned universal respect through professionalism, integrity and love. To this end we have redefined our vocation as ‘Connection Marketing’.
Our success has been driven by a strong focus on bringing people together and creating community connection through heart based, servant leadership and the joy we spread as we walk the ‘Path of the Soultrepreneur’.
With a background in psychology and over 30 years experience in integrative therapies, Vanessa Jean brings her strengths to the fore assisting others in the field of personal development.
Paul has invested the last 2 decades in training and inspiring teams to reach the top of their field in two direct sales companies.
Together we share a passion for freeing people from the matrix and the prisons of life, to return to love as sovereign, empowered beings.

What We Offer

We offer a range of ways to engage with us to help you let go of the baggage, reimagine your relationship with yourself and live a life rich in meaning, inspiration and accomplishment.

It’s coaching, choose your own adventure style. You can dip your toe in the water with a single session, select a package to go deeper and discover your purpose and begin to manifest that in your life or dip into the well of infinity and learn how to become the architect of a life you could only have dreamed of with our expand your horizons online monthly course. 

Learn how to attract all the experiences and outcomes that have been eluding you.
Paul and Vanessa Jean at home, surrounded by their many books and teachings that they pass on in their coaching and mentoring.
Meet some of our Successful Team!
Natasha McCrystal

Working with Paul and Vanessa has been an amazing elevator for my success!

Vanessa and Paul, as a team, harness all the essential modalities required for personal and business success.

I believe it is their holistic approach to business that sets them apart from others. Working with them inspires me!

They have a unique gift of merging the business world with the spiritual world to create this infinite expansion into the possibilities for each and every one of us.

Their extensive experience in business is an asset to their mentoring and their business structures and strategies have proven results for all their team. Their teachings on our unlimited potential, meditations and visualizations truly connect us back to the source of who we are, connect us back to our heart, and why we do what we do in our business.

This synergy is so powerful and their continued support, love and commitment to all of their team is a credit to their achievements.

They have a genuine passion for humanity and it is truly humbling to work with them to create change in people’s lives.
Ura P. Auckland

I have worked most of my adult life in environments where committed teams of people work together to do extraordinary things to create value. I’ve worked with some amazing mentors and as a result grown immensely as a person. Never before in my life have I worked with mentors who have given so richly of themselves as Paul Ovens and Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens. Not only have they given my wife PJ and I amazing support and counsel in an industry that was new to us, they have shown up at our side to support the development of those in our team who had big dreams too.

Both Paul and Vanessa Jean each in their unique ways are people who mentor from a place of having created the highest levels of success themselves, and who never step back from the cutting edge of continuing to create success. Thus when you are mentoring with Paul and Vanessa, their mentoring is not just sharing of what has worked for them, it is real-time rapid prototyping of models of success that will work this month, this year, and in facing the challenges of today. If you get the chance to mentor with these two extraordinary souls, take it.
Ura P Auckland
Blue Diamond
Rachel Proud

Paul and Vanessa are the perfect duo of heart and passion in life and business.

They have a natural talent for holding space, igniting purpose, and helping you to grow into the best version of YOU personally and professionally. They do not tell you what you want to hear, they are brave enough to help you discover your truth and hold you close as you navigate the personal development journey that is a dōTERRA business.
The life of any entrepreneur is enhanced by their dedication, love and passion for helping people succeed.
Katrina Ryan

Being mentored by Paul and Vanessa Jean has been, for me, the double whammy of ultimate support and guidance.

With Paul I am able to really engage my practical, strategic mind and long term plan for the future benefit of my entire team. He provides me with both a safe space to express where I’m at but the strength, business-mind and conviction to be able to stop excuses in their tracks and ignite a level of self-belief that fast tracks growth.

Vanessa Jean is magic in every sense of the word. She holds such personal strength in herself that you cannot help but feel supported in every facet of life when you’re in conversation with her. She brings the most enthusiastic energy into encounters which enables us all to be swept away in the joy and play of creating a business. With such a flair for the imagination space she mentors the art of bringing all topics to life so that no matter where your passions lie she can encourage within us the art of attracting like-minded people into our lives and into our businesses.

These two are the power couple of dōTERRA for very legitimate reasons and I’m so very blessed to have them at my fingertips when I need them.

Karen Miller

Vanessa and Paul have been a huge support to me in building my dōTERRA business to Diamond. They have thorough knowledge of what it takes to create a successful dōTERRA business, which they share generously and tirelessly with others on this path.

This includes the key skills, activities and tools required - but also the mindset and ‘heartset’ needed to build a business with a strong foundation of love.

Vanessa and Paul are exceptional coaches. They are dedicated to achieving greatness within dōTERRA and to helping others rise to that level.

A truly inspiring couple on a mission to transform lives, one drop at a time. You cannot help but be uplifted in their presence and ready to take the next big leap in your business!
Kim Pauro

Paul and Vanessa's Mentorship Program has been vital to my business development and growth, being guided by effective and practical knowledge handed down by these two amazing beings.

I value our mentor meetings and the quality of conversation around obstacles, limitations and negative mindsets that converts to momentum, growth, and self-belief.

Are you...?   
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  • Ready to invest in yourself and your business?
  • Coachable, and willing to coach others?
  • Willing to do whatever it takes?
  • Ready to change your life and your circumstances?

If this is you, reach out and let's connect!