Business Training Resources
Following the path of the Soultrepreneur takes courage. It takes a brave heart to say yes! Being the CEO of your business is a meaningless sentiment if you are not aligned, heart and soul, to the heartbeat of your business.

Your business, is a living, breathing entity. It will become a magnified version of your why and your heart song. Like your heart, it will magnetise people and meaningful interactions to you from the infinite realm of possibilities.

Once you are clear on your role as Soultrepreneur, you align with actions that fulfill you and help you to reach the goals you set and the dreams you have chosen to become a reality.
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$19 ticket includes:

  • Zoom replays of online training (5/4/20 and 2/5/20) – a total of 12 hours of film and audio including additional resources presented during the trainings
  • 130-page eBook manual

Here, we've created business training resources to inspire, delight and educate. 
To fill your mind with new ideas, to inspire different ways of thinking and being, and most importantly, fill your heart and soul with a sense of joy and gratitude that you have taken this glorious path of the Soultrepreneur.
  • Finding your Why
    • Going Deeper into your Why
    • Connecting with your Why
    • The Passion Test
  • Goal Setting & Taking Action
  • Freedom (Contacts) List
  • Creating a Plan of Action
    • Planners
    • Rank Planners
    • PIPES Planner
  • Sales Scripts

  • Sampling for Success
  • Essential Oil Touchpoints
  • Host & Incentive Gifts Guide
  • Creating Enrolment Opportunities
  • Text Blitz Script

  • Teaching the Nature's Solution Kit
  • Class Presentations
  • How to Run a Home Essentials Class
  • Aromatic Dressing
  • Expos

  • The Natural Conclusion
  • How to Book Classes from Classes

  • Customer Getting Started Email & Video Series
  • The Wellness Consult
  • Placing Orders
  • Business Resources eBook
  • doTERRA Empowered Training summary
  • Compensation
  • Placements
  • PO3 (Power of 3)
  • Rank Tracking
  • Allyse Sedivy Daily Mentor Calls
  • Oil Games
  • Online Classes - Essential Oils Made Easy
  • doTERRA Online Oil Oasis
  • doTERRA Education
  • doTERRA Contact List
  • doTERRA Social

  • Gifts of the Essential Oils book
  • Cacao Addict book by John Croft
  • Bottles
  • Diffusers
  • Accessories, etc. 

Personal Development
  • Ranking with Consciousness meditation
  • Beacon of Light meditation
  • Byron Katie presentation
  • Your Money Story
  • Goddard's Developmental Stages
  • Belief Summit
  • One Thing Mentoring
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
  • Dr Joe Dispenza meditation recommendations

  • Emotional Aromatherapy
  • Men in doTERRA
  • Women's Support
  • Sourcing
  • Pets and Animals
  • How Many Drops
  • AU/US Price chart
  • Blends & Their Compositions
  • Graphic & Computer Support
    • Canva
    • Converting PDF to PNG
    • Transferring Large Files
    • Downloading a Facebook Video (currently not working)
    • Food Alchemy Website
    • Converting Video Formats
    • Screen Capture
    • Video Editing Software
  • Transparent Images
  • Useful Apps for your Smart Phone

  • Product Support eBooks
  • Business & Education eBooks
    • Resources for your doTERRA Business eBook
    • Emotional Aromatherapy eBook

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