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Don't skip this step! Logical! Yet often glossed over - it's the "salesy" section shouldn't feel salesy because it should flow from how you have already Prepared, Invited and Presented. If you have followed these steps, with a clear intention to have the best outcome for the class, you are simply offering a service to people.

Listen to the language used by Vanessa Jean at the start of the class (see the Present section).

Sample your guests BEFORE they attend a class. Sample multiple times if needed - you want them to have a positive experience before turning up to your class. They will see the value and want to purchase.

Make it clear - you are selling these products so if they have any questions after the event, you are the person they will call.

Let them know how much (price list).

Let them know the cheapest way to purchase (wholesale and wholesale with benefits (loyalty rewards)).

Determine the best starting point for them (listen to their needs and support them with an essential oil solution).

Let them know the value of the Loyalty Rewards Program.

YouTube: Paul Ovens - The Natural Conclusion (how to close a class) link

See the PDF on Sales Scripts including How to Book Classes from Classes in this document here.

Specifically designed with Business Management in mind. Allows for setting/management of goals and Contact management. Also offers premade graphics and templates for marketing and sharing. Free subscription with limited features or full subscription for $19.95 per month. Link

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