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Emotional Aromatherapy Resources Module link
Compilation of doTERRA resources on emotional aromatherapy and non-doTERRA resources, including useful books, YouTube links, apps and more, this module will help you understand how essential oils can help support your emotional health.

YouTube: Vanessa Jean - Exploring Emotions with the Home Essentials Kit link

YouTube: Cherie Burton and Vanessa Jean - Emotional Aromatherapy May 2016 link
Join Vanessa Jean and Cherie Burton as they talk about essential oils for emotions. Filmed May 2016, these leaders impart their wealth of knowledge. 

YouTube: Emotional Support with the doTERRA Dream Kit link
The doTERRA "Dream" convention kit launched at the doTERRA global convention in September 2018 is explored in this video with Vanessa Jean as she dives deep into how the oils can be used for emotional support. 

Essential Oils for Unhealthy Habits link
If you are caught in an unhealthy habit, whether that be drinking too much coffee or watching too much Netflix, this PDF can offer some helpful suggestions for using essential oils to kick those habits away.

YouTube: Paul Ovens teaches a Men's Class July 2017 link
Paul Ovens, doTERRA Presidential Diamond, takes you through a live teaching of a men's class.  The filming of this was impromptu, so you will have to excuse the angle as it was done with an iPhone on the kitchen bench!  

YouTube: Paul Ovens - Aromatherapy for Men link
Filmed at a business training event with Presidential Diamond Cherie Burton in May 2016.

YouTube: Getting the Menfolk Involved link
Paul Ovens talks about how to get the menfolk involved in doTERRA.
Filmed 8 October 2016 at the One-day Powerhouse Training event with Kelly King Anderson and Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens.

YouTube: Paul Ovens on Men in doTERRA link
Paul Ovens talks about his passion - men's health and getting more men into doTERRA.

YouTube: Men's Health for Men - BroTERRA Movember Edition link 

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Guys Month link

YouTube: Paul Ovens - My Must Have doTERRA Products link

Blends for Men on Food Alchemy website link

doTERRA for Men - doTERRA Leadership Retreat 2020 link

  • Burke Rigby—Creating the Life of Your Dreams, Presidential Diamond, US Founder
  • Dr. Andrew Gough D.O.—Optimal Health & Performance for Men, Blue Diamond
  • Tim Hightower—Food, Fitness Focus: Creating a Wellness Routine for Success, Performance Advocate – Former NFL Running Back
  • Seth Risenmay & Rod Richardson—Create Financial Freedom, Blue Diamonds
  • Todd Hart—Cast a Vision Others Will Follow, Diamond
  • Boyd Truman—Rise Up, Double Presidential Diamond, US Founder

Women's Support

YouTube: Vanessa Jean on Women's Monthly Cycle Supporlink

YouTube: Vanessa Jean on the Art of Blending, Manifestation and Self Love link

YouTube: Vanessa Jean on Self Lovlink

YouTube: Tanya Maidment and Vanessa Jean - Skin, Hair and Personal Care link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Personal Care link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Pregnancy Tips link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Daily Lifestyle Habits link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Live an Active Lifestyle link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Daily Wellness link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Fitness and Weight Management link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Mothers and Babies link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Love Your Skin link

doTERRA Empowered Life Series: Cellular Vitality and Energy link


doTERRA Co-Impact Sourcing link

doTERRA Global Botanical Network Sourcing Map link

Source to You website link

doTERRA YouTube Co-Impact Sourcing Playlislink

Pets and Animals

Compilation Resource document on Essential Oils for Animals and Pets PDF link

How Many DropsHow Many Drops.png
Ever wonder how many drops make up a 5ml, 15ml, 30ml bottle of essential oil? Or how many drops are in the Beadlets or Softgels? This graphic explains it all.

AU and USA Essential Oil Price and Figures Chart link
Thanks to Joanna Rusling for this document which explains the price per drop.

Blends and their Compositions link
Ever wonder what oil is in what doTERRA blend. This PDF, designed by Joanna Rusling, will itemise the oils in each blend.

Graphic & Computer Support

We highly recommend Canva. The free version is excellent. However, as a heavy user of Canva, we recommend the paid version for the many additional features.

If you are stuck for inspiration, the Canva Design School has great articles and ideas.

The design school also has lots of small tutorials to help you understand design concepts: Tutorials

Canva also has many design tutorial videos on its YouTube channel.

While Canva has undergone many upgrades in the last few years, this old tutorial may still be of benefit for you. Canva Advanced Tips Webinar 

  • Learn how to enhance your graphics by applying contract with shapes and filters
  • Learn how to use shapes to contain your text and applying topographic styles in order of importance
  • Create cover overlays with shapes and learn how to align and contain your text
Eye Dropper tool for Canva (SUPER USEFUL!) - a Chrome extension.


doTERRA provide much of their material as PDFs. To post as a picture you need to convert the pdf to a picture file format such as .jpg or .png. 

We recommend using the following program: PDF 2 PNG.


We recommend WeTransfer. Send files up to 2GB at a time for free. 

Another program to use is TransferBigFiles. Send files up to 30mb for free.


Please feel free to use the blends and food graphics on the Food Alchemy website and share with your team. This website is a resource for you!


Free open source video transcoder. E.g. take your .mov files from iPhone and convert to .mp4.


Snagitscreen capture for both photos and video (paid program)


Camtasia (paid program)


One Drop
Designed with Professional Graphic Sharing in mind. Includes Graphics and visual materials designed by talented freelance designers, photographers, and content creators. Offers a small library of free files or full library for $10 per month. Link

Essential Oil Images

James Lynch has created a large body of doTERRA images available to purchase at very good prices. Link.

I'm unsure of the owner of this Dropbox but found this link being shared in another group, so, with much gratitude, I share this Dropbox link of transparent images.

doTERRA Canto
Canto - An entire library of hi-resolution product images on white or transparent backgrounds. Perfect for adding images of dōTERRA products to your own marketing material or for creating social media posts.



Try Online Image Editor (recommended by a cross-team member, who adds "It needs to have a clear outline though but with a bit of fiddling you can normally remove all the background.")

Try this program called "Remove BackgroundLink

Useful Apps for your Smart Phone

Create Shortcuts for:
  • Your own, or your upline's website home page
  • This Resources page
  • Your Team App page
  • Food Alchemy website (for hundreds of blends and food inspiration)

Simple Transfer

Getting video files off an iPhone (small or large) can be problematic through iTunes or even just connecting your phone to your computer. This program is BRILLIANT.

  1. Download on your iPhone FIRST.
  2. Then install the software to your computer.
Through WiFi, the computer sees the files on your iPhone and transfers them over to your computer. Super simple!

There is a Pro version, with more features and allows for more downloads.

Social Media

dōTERRA Social 
Specifically designed with Social Media Management in mind. Includes Social media post-scheduling features, Graphics Editor, Pre-made editable templates & More! Wellness Advocates will also have access to a 14 Day Free Trial. Link.

Ready to get out of your social media slump? Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Sign up for doTERRA® Social (go to
  2. Get the social content, guidance, and expertise you’ve been missing
  3. Leverage social media to build a successful dōTERRA business

dōTERRA Social is like having your own personal social media assistant. With dōTERRA Social, you have beautiful, pre-made, dōTERRA-specific graphics, photos, and posts at your fingertips—saving you time and effort. You can even create your own using the easy-to-use editor tool, so you can customize your images just to your personal liking and branding. You can schedule your posts to publish automatically so that you can work ahead and never forget to post. You can now also see how your posts are performing without having the crunch the numbers yourself!

Sign up for dōTERRA Social today so you can stop feeling overwhelmed and start seeing your business grow.

doTERRA Social on App store.

doTERRA Social on Google Play.

Or other cloud storage that syncs to your computer.
Trello, or your preferred Follow Up program or Project Management tool.
Eventbrite for Organisers
Keep track of last minute bookings.
Team App
Google Drive to access either your own files, or those of your team / cross team.
(Access more features than the iPhone mail app)
Google Calendar
Google Docs
Google Sheets
Microsoft Outlook
(Access more features than the iPhone mail app)
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Office Lens
Must have for Convention!
Every effort has been made to accurately portray information on this landing page. However, due to the ever-changing nature of both the internet and the evolution of doTERRA, some links may change. If in doubt, please contact your doTERRA member services.

Some links provided on this landing page will only be available for members of Team Alchemy.