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CUSTOMER getting started email and video SERIES

Support your customer with a month-long program of emails with short and practical ways to help them get the most out of their doTERRA essential oils. Please make sure you only add people who have given you their permission to receive this email series.

Presented by Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens and Michele Wragg, this series will help you, and your new enrolment as they confidently and competently crack open the lids and use their oils to improve their wellbeing.

Topics Covered in this Series
  • Introduction and Safety
  • Your doTERRA Welcome Pack Explained
  • Unboxing and Using Your Petal Diffuser
  • Paul - Some of My Favourite Essential Oils
  • Linen Spray and Purefume Roller
  • Aromatic Dressing with Vanessa Jean
  • Sleep Support
  • Lavender Peace Epsom Salts
  • Layering for Body Discomfort Part 1
  • Layering for Body Discomfort Part 2
  • Owie Spray
  • Easy Air Chest Support Spray
  • Steam Inhalation
  • DigestZen Tummy Support Spray
  • Multi-Purpose Cleaner
  • Cleaning with your Essential Oils
  • The On Guard Range
  • Making Antibacterial Wipes
  • Making Your Own Hand Sanitizer
  • The Key Chain
  • Food Flavouring with the Home Essentials Kit Oils
  • Making Bliss Balls
  • Dressing your Bliss Balls in Cloaks of Love
  • Making Raw Chocolate
  • Raw Chocolate Flavoured with Essential Oils as a Dipping Sauce
  • How to Make a Raw Chocolate Slice
  • Making a Raw Chocolate Mousse
  • How to Make a Cacao Elixir
  • On Guard Apples
  • Date Sandwiches
  • Tea Infused with Essential Oils
  • Travelling with Essential Oils
  • Focus with Essential Oils
  • Lifelong Vitality Pack

doTERRA Welcome Email Series - find out more here link.

The Wellness Consult

YouTube: Wellness Consult with Vanessa Jean (Zoom recording) link
How to conduct a Wellness Consult (taken from a Team Alchemy Biz Leaders Zoom training.

The Wellness Consult with Adam Barralet (Zoom recording) link
doTERRA Leader Adam Barralet (with the help of doTERRA Leader Holly Pauro) demonstrate how to do a Wellness Consult.

Wellness Consult Checklist link

Placing a Local LRP order link
Step-by-step instructions on how to place an LRP (Loyalty Reward Program) order.

Placing a US Order link
Placing a US order (rather than a local one) to access the entire doTERRA range isn't something that needs to be feared! Step-by-step instructions on how you do this.

Resources eBook

(36-page eBook)

Business Training Resources Module link
A compilation of useful links to support your doTERRA business, including social media, Empowered Success, podcasts.

  • doTERRA Tools and Resources Overview
  • Learn about Essential Oil Safety
  • Follow doTERRA on Facebook
  • Subscribe to doTERRA’s YouTube Channel
  • doTERRA Phone Apps
  • Books
  • doTERRA Australia Member Services
  • Aromatic Science
  • Source to You
  • Prime Meridian Health Clinics
  • Share Success Library – US
  • doTERRA Labs
  • Link Generator
  • Official doTERRA Podcasts
  • Official doTERRA Social Media Sites
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • Other
  • doTERRA Owner Social Media Links
  • Official doTERRA YouTube Channels
  • Non-doTERRA Websites
  • Mobile Phone Applications - Official
  • Mobile Phone Applications – Non-Official
  • Non-Official Essential Oil & Business Podcasts
  • Food Alchemy
  • Paul and Vanessa Jean
And much more!

doTERRA Empowered Success Training

doTERRA Empowered Success Training Summary link
Compilation of the doTERRA Empowered Success training.

Empowered Life
  • Empowered Life webinars
  • Living Magazine
  • Online Oil Oasis
  • Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA Podcast

Empowered Success
  • Success Guides
  • Launch Your Business videos
  • Building Your Business with doTERRA—Empowered Success Podcast
  • Nature’s Solution Class guides
  • Sales Guide
  • Sales Certification Course

Empowered You
  • How to Use Your Strengths (Gallup Strengths Finder material)
  • Unlock Your Potential - Learn About your Top Talents video series
  • Strengths Guide for Builders 
  • Empowered You Insight Cards

YouTube: doTERRA Compensation with Paul Ovens link

Compensation Plan Unilevel and Rank Bonuses link

Compensation Australia & New Zealand link

Section 11. Sales Compensation Plan – Australian Policy Manual link

Empowerment Bonus - AU/NZ link

AU/NZ Fast Track Program link

Fast Start Graphic from Team Alchemy Fast Start Bonus_171019.png

Power of Three link
Opportunity and Earnings Disclosure Summary Statements


Contacting doTERRA regarding Placement Inquiries - best practices link
A guide to emailing - a few tricks that can help create the smoothest placements experience and potentially even get your move processed more quickly.

  • Sponsor Changes within 14-days of Enrollment
  • First-time Enroller Changes
  • Reactivations and 6-month Inactive Moves
  • Account Transfers
  • Exception Requests
Zoom Recording Paul Ovens - Youtube: Introduction to Placements 2018 link

YouTube: Kelly King Anderson - Enrolling Leaders who Enrol link
Join Kelly King Anderson as she talks about the value of finding Leaders who enrol Leaders, and what to look for. Filmed during the One-day Powerhouse Training with Kelly King Anderson and Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens 8 October 2016. 

PO3 (Power of 3)
Presented during the Online Business Training on 5/4/20 and 2/5/20, here are Deanne Howard's PO3 resources:

Rank Tracking

Rank Advancement Excel Spreadsheet Rank Advancement Formula V4_260417.xlsx
This Excel spreadsheet will calculate action required to achieve rank - from Manager to Presidential Diamond.

Tracking Questionnaire link
At the doTERRA Platinum and above summit in 2018, doTERRA asked the leaders to fill in a Tracking Questionnaire to see how they REALLY were tracking. Ura Auckland created a Zoom on how to drill down in the back office to find this information, and from that Zoom this PDF with step-by-step instructions was created.

Allyse Sedivy Daily Mentor Calls
For those who are serious about taking their doTERRA business to the next level, have doTERRA Triple Diamond Allyse Sedivy lead you step-by-step through building your business for 50 days (8 weeks).

Note: content is American and some language may not be appropriate for your market.

Website link
Oil Games

Are you ready to rank advance in your doTERRA business?

Oil Games is a free online training system for those that want to and are committed to rank advancing.

This is not a ‘go at your own pace’ program – you might like to check out the Daily Mentor Calls (another free program) for that style program. Oil Games is designed to help you achieve growth in your business:

Listen. Understand. Action.

Oil Games begins every single month (if you miss this month’s registration, you can start next month). At the beginning of every month, all the games begin, from Reach Elite to Diamond Dash. If you don’t register by the 4th of the month (USA time), you will need to wait to join next month’s Oil Games programs.

If you are brand new to doTERRA, you will want to register for the Reach Elite program. If you are Elite, you will join the Premier Push. If you are a solid Premier, you will register for Silver Sprint (and so on depending on your rank).

You will be put into an accountability group of 3 people, what is called a ‘pod’ to hold you accountable for your business actions and to provide you with support.

Allyse Sedivy, doTERRA Triple Diamond, explains the Oils Games in a
short video.

Oil Games is a well taught and thought out program that works to joyously uplift you as you dream big and expand.

Allyse and other Presidential Diamonds have been doing this for years with great results. Oil Games will lift you and your business and help you to cheaply make your way forward into loving your dreams and passions.

It’s fun. It’s clear. It works.

Let the Oil Games begin!

Register here: link

ONLINE CLASSES - Essential Oils Made Easy

Created by Presidential Diamonds Tara Bliss (AU) and Sarah Jansen (US), Tara has made this Australia and NZ friendly.
The material is in alignment with the Allyse Sedivy Daily Mentor Calls.

Download the relevant ones you need as per your computer type (i.e. Keynote for Mac and PowerPoint for Microsoft) and for your country (Australia, NZ, EU and USA).

Edit away! Google Drive link
doTERRA Online Oil Oasis

“We’ve created the quarterly Online Oil Oasis as the gold standard in essential oil education—hours of incredible insights from experts.

Take a deep dive into lifestyle and wellness with some of our best and brightest. They’ll share their advice and expertise on today’s most pressing and relevant essential oil topics. So, you can walk away with simple, practical uses to incorporate essential oils into your everyday life.

This quarter, we’ll cover informed self-care, which will focus on how to utilize essential oils whenever your body might need a little extra support. Our presenters will explain how to build a daily immune boosting routine, how to manage digestive issues, how to use oils during your pregnancy and so much more! Plus, we’ll have a special guest talking about why we created the Online Oil Oasis. You won’t want to miss a single minute!”


View playlist on the YouTube Channel

doTERRA Education (Teachable)

doTERRA Contact List
Need to contact doTERRA in Brazil? Or Japan, Or... ? This list is for you!

Market / Phone number / Email list from doTERRA link

doTERRA Social
Start managing your social media with doTERRA Social link

Check the videos on the above landing page for more information.

There is also a webinar (now as an unlisted YouTube)


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