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YouTube: Vanessa Jean teaching the Nature's Solution Kit link
At the Perth's doTERRA Empowered Success event August 2018, Vanessa Jean demonstrated how to present the Nature's Solution Kit.

YouTube: Paul and Vanessa Jean Ovens: Class Presentations (Zoom recording) link
Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens guide you through how to set up a good class, which starts with good host coaching so people know why they are there, and what they can expect.  They then demonstrate how to start a class, and how best to bring the class to a natural conclusion.

YouTube: Paul and Vanessa Jean: How to run a class (Home Essentials Kit) link
Vanessa Jean demonstrating how to run a class with Paul Ovens.


YouTube: Aromatic Dressing with Vanessa Jean link

YouTube: Aromatic Dressing in Ireland with Vanessa Jean link

Aromatic Dressing resources on the Food Alchemy website link

Aromatic Blends by Vanessa Jean - hundred's of them! link
  • Body
  • Children
  • Cleansing & Cleaning
  • Emotional & Mental
  • Festive
  • Focus & Concentration
  • Gratitude
  • Grounding
  • Joy, Love & Connection
  • Meditation
  • Men
  • Miscellaneous
  • New Beginnings
  • Sleep
  • Women

Expo Banner Information link

Canva used to create signs.

  • Oil signs A6 portrait - 105mm x 148mm
Balance link
Easy Air link
Frankincense link
Ice Blue Rub link
Lavender Peace link
Peppermint link
Wild Orange link

  • Oil Bar Experience signs - A5 landscape - 210mm x 148mm
Oil Bar Experience - burgundy link
Oil Bar Experience - perfume bottles link

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