Business Training Resources
Finding Your Why
Exercise - Going Deeper into your Why link

YouTube: Paul Ovens - Going Deeper into your WHY link

YouTube: Vanessa Jean - Connecting with your WHY link

YouTube: Vanessa Jean and the Passion Teslink
Vanessa Jean takes you on a journey to understand your passions through The Passion Test 

Goal Setting & Taking Action

YouTube: Goal Setting with Kelly King Anderson and Paul Ovens link
Kelly King Anderson and Paul Ovens talk about the importance of goal setting for your business.

YouTube: Hayley Hobson - Taking Massive Action link
Hayley Hobson, Double Presidential Diamond in doTERRA, talks powerfully on what it means to take massive action.

YouTube: Stepping out of your Comfort Zone link
Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens talks about stepping out of your comfort zone and the tools she finds useful to help her. 

YouTube: Paul and Vanessa Jean Ovens - Be Comfortable not Knowing Everything and Still Rocking It link
Vanessa Jean and Paul Ovens talk about how you can be comfortable not knowing everything, but still having the confidence to rock it.  Filmed during the One-day Powerhouse training with Kelly King Anderson, Vanessa Jean & Paul Ovens 8th October 2016.

Freedom (Contacts) List

Freedom and Family List_Team Alchemy (contact Excel spreadsheet) Freedom & Family List_Team Alchemy.xlsx
Thanks to Tara Bliss & Casey for helping us create a version of this Freedom list. Also know as a Names List or Contacts List, this is your invitation to search out the names of all who you know will benefit from a doTERRA experience.

Creating a Plan of Action

2020 A3 Calendar PDF link
As presented to the Platinum and above Summit October 2019.

2020 Planner PDF - My Year of Inspired Action link
As presented to the Platinum and above Summit October 2019.

Rank Planners (from Share Success) link
From Manager to Presidential Diamond, use the rank planners to plan OV and structure. Please ignore $ values as these are now out of date.

PIPES Planner (from Share Success) link
Success is scheduled! Schedule your 2x2x2+1 action to start building your financial pipeline.

Sales Scripts

Sales Scripts Leadership July 2019 Resource link
Presented by Paul Ovens at the doTERRA Platinum and above Summit in October 2019, this PDF has script suggestions for Connecting, Inviting, Presenting, Enrolling and Attracting Sharers:

  • New Customer Placement Scripts
  • Invitation Scripts and Ideas
  • When Someone Asks What You Do…
  • What is doTERRA?/What Do You Do?
  • Conversational Openings for Sharing Oils
  • Three Doors Invitation Process – Connecting/Inviting/Presenting/Enrolling
  • Coaching the Host
  • Closing the Class/Enrolment Process
  • Booking a Wellness Consult Script
  • Booking More Classes and Helping People Get Their Oils for Free
Let these scripts be your starting point as you add your own authentic voice.


Every effort has been made to accurately portray information on this landing page. However, due to the ever-changing nature of both the internet and the evolution of doTERRA, some links may change. If in doubt, please contact your doTERRA member services.

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