The Wayshower

“Audaciously live in the Spirit of YOU” 

This is a sacred container infused with magic and the wisdom of Akasha... read on if you are ready to birth your inner Alchemist and embody the Wayshower Spirit.

Clear templates of generational stories, and integrate truth.

This is for those that yearn for the up close and personal interludes.   This is a 3 month offering for one on one and small pods of togetherness to dip into what it takes to catalyse true and lasting change for yourself and your life. It can include your business entity if you choose, or simply focus on whatever wants to birth from the Chamber of your Heart. 

The lightworker is the shadow-worker. The brighter your light, the greater your shadow. All Wayshowers not only know this, they accept this. Plunge in, see the gifts inherent in the light and the dark, unpack them, release what is not needed thereby creating spaciousness for what is to come.


Living a fully embodied life. 

Awakening to your inner wisdom. 

What can you expect...

  • Simple, practical tools to alchemise your life
  • Consciously creating from within the quantum 
  • Connecting from the portal of your heart to catalyse lasting change 
  • Dancing within the infinite realm of possibilities- and creating your life from this spaciousness 
  • Light body activations 
  • DNA Regeneration 
  • Activating your Grace Points (there are 6 in total and this will be progressive)
  • Opening your inner senses and bringing your magic & innate wisdom to the fore in a grounded, centred & safe way 
  • Daily rituals and devotions to enrich your life 
  • Embracing richness - abundance is yours to claim, money as energy, money as a blessing for you and the world  

This is not your typical training or package...

 It is a sacred container dedicated to your awakening and remembering. We will rekindle the inner flame to burn brightly once more. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur or soultrepreneur, a therapist, a healer, a mother, a lover, a wife, a creatrix, a healer, a mystic, a teacher, a leader, a seeker… your Soul is summoning you to remember who you are. To fulfill your reason for saying yes in this incarnation. To return home to your truth, your joy and ultimately to love. 

This is my only 1:1 Container that goes beyond a single session. This is your invitation to living deeply connected to life and to receive her blessings, to listen to the whisperings of your soul, the song of your heart and to follow the meandering pathways to your Sovereign Self. The Self that stands confidently in the light of who She is. The Self that is the Creatrix of her own life.  The Self that remembers how to love and be loved and to create magic from this powerful, magical and utterly transformational space. You will live from your heart, returning to your inner wisdom with conviction, trust and purpose.

My devotion to you:

I will be fully present to what arises in the moment, to your deepest dreams and to the light of your Soul. I will show up to offer you a transformational and life-altering three month journey. I am here to guide you home to love and to that deep longing within you that yearns to know, remember and meet the real you.

Sacred Investment


  • A 1:1 journey to map out shifting from your current reality to the new you and life of your choosing. 
  • One 1:1 light body activation ritual that will lead to deep and lasting transformation from who you are now, to who you are becoming.
  • Three transformational and life changing 90 minute sessions to align you to your dreams & passions and alchemical journeying to guide you to relinquish outdated beliefs that thwart your expansion and disconnect you from your intuition and heart song.
  • A powerful and lasting framework to amplify the electromagnetic field of your heart, guiding you into deep remembrance of your potency, and practical measures to magnetise miracles and Grace to you.
  • A curated daily practice, ritual and time of devotion to restore you to your natural state of joy and bliss - guiding you home to love and the throne of your heart. 
  • Fortnightly sessions, via zoom with Vanessa Jean. 
  • Private access on Telegram or WhatsApp for the 3 month journey.

Together, we will reveal and transform outdated programming that prevents you from standing in the truth of your light as your Soul and Creator intended for you. 

Together, we will unravel the strands of your DNA and reveal the glory of you, the gem within you and the gifts you have for yourself and the world. 

The Application Process

Before you enter this sacred container, you will need to qualify by submitting an application form and booking a private interview with me. 

If you are not a full-bodied yes, if you are not willing to show up to each session, if you are not willing to be present to what arises - both the comfortable and the uncomfortable, then I am not the soul you want to journey this with. 

I am committed to showing up fully for you and I expect the same.

If you are a full-bodied, heart singing YES complete your application form by hitting the button below!

Sacred exchange

"The Voice of the Goddess course and Vanessa have exceeded all of my expectations, and taken me further on my journey than I ever could imagine. I didn't actually understand the wording of  “coming home to yourself” when I signed up. I was drawn to it, my soul led me, my whole body screamed YES. But I could not grasp the meaning of it. 
I am speechless, my mind is blown and I am full of gratitude for this true Goddess, her Magic, her Love and her Creations.

Through Vanessa's warm and wise guidance I have found bits and pieces of myself I didn’t even know I had, or that were missing. She has awakened me to love with her love.  
If you want to find hidden and missing pieces of yourself and truly awaken yourself, I highly recommend Vanessa as your guide. I felt so safe, so seen, so held, so empowered in the sacred space she created and held so beautifully for us. Every session was healing for me. I feel completely changed on the inside."

Gro Hatlemark

Voice of the Goddess Alumni 
"The voice of the goddess course with Vanessa Jean has unlocked something within me that has been lying dormant my whole life, or perhaps for lifetimes! I have come to better understand myself and connect with the wild free woman that I am. It has helped me find the courage to truly be ALL that I am. I have tools now that my heart has been longing for, tools that help me connect to the wisdom within with more clarity. I have a unique song that is needed on the planet at this time in history and i now have the courage to sing my heart out into the world!"

Marie McNamara

Voice of the Goddess Alumni
"Vanessa is a gift to those on their journey of awakening. I have been working to understand the power of the Akashic Records and then, the opportunity to open them with her emerged…
It was beautifully comforting, calm and exhilarating at the same time. The Lords of the records through Vanessa’s gifted channeling provided clarity and guidance….giving me the gift of a deepening of my mission in this life.  Feeling truly blessed and looking forward to my next opening. Thank you Vanessa for sharing your light."

Peggy Tailon

Akashic Record Reading
"Where to begin... What an incredible journey we went on over the 5 weeks in the Whisperings of the Goddess... The sacred container that was created and the Magic that weaved it’s way, activating every cell of my being was indescribable. There was a deep remembering, a coming home, as parts of my DNA where activated, reactivated . 
The way in which Vanessa shares her magic and wisdom is powerful, potent and alchemical . As she transmutes her transmissions into a multidimensional space for deep learning and receiving. The content created was incredible and the resources given to us where absolutely beautiful. I am so grateful to have been a part of this and to integrate it all into my being.  I can not wait to journey more with Vanessa."

Siobhan Kilshaw

Whisperings and Voice of the Goddess Alumni