A portal for us to gather beneath the stars and moon, drenched in the sublime music of the cosmos.

This is a membership portal with a difference. It is the place where you can enter a space of be-coming, through remembrance. 

There is no busyness. 
You are not here to learn. 
You are here to remember.

It will be something your heart soars to be a part of. 
A moment in time that you will revere in your calendar.

We will meet by the fire, cocooned in its warmth and light.

A space to refine your frequency, to become clear on your path and to listen to the Whisperings of the Universe and the song of the stars. 

We gather every full moon. 

You will receive channelings and transmissions from the beings of light working with humanity right now. Their voice is clear. Their guidance pristine. 

Month by month you will be immersed in finely curated ceremonies and rituals to uplift your spirit and clear the clouds of the great forgetting, and land you into deep, resonant remembrance. 

We are born knowing. 
Through conditioning and programming from the over-culture, we then enter the great forgetting. 
Humanity is now being called to remember once more. 
Will you heed the call? 
To reclaim your birthright to a life imbued with love, etched in silken threads of prosperity and filled with the joy and peace that lie at your core.
It is a space to gather immersing in the wisdom of the ages past and future. 
To bring it all together in this sacred moment. To bring your magic to the Earthplane. To move between worlds transcending time and space. 

We do this together. I will guide you into the great Void. 
The eternal spaciousness of infinite potentials. 

Here you release, expand and be-come who you were born 
to be. As your soul intended for you. 

"Vanessa Jean is pure magic, she is joy, movement and song! The gentle way she leads is like your Soul's journey home. A remembrance of who you are and that you have the ability choose to live this joyful abundance in the present. My experience with Vanessa's offerings was being able to tap into my inner knowing, to have reassurance that this is a safe space place to learn and share. Vanessa channels directly from source and when you allow yourself to surrender to the magic it can not help but be truly life altering." - Corinne Butler

How the Portal Works

Each lunar cycle you will enter a portal dedicated to you - via Thinkific. This is the space where we land all resources, where we can converse and where you are linked into our cyber campfire to gather around. 

It is a digital space laced with magic. 

Filled with light. Inspired by love

Full moon to full moon we meet for 90 minutes...

APRIL Friday 15th - 10am AWST
Libra Full Moon Circle
MAY Sunday 15th - 5pm AWST
Scorpio Full Blood Moon Circle
JUNE Sunday 12th - 5pm AWST
Sagittarius Full Moon Prep
JULY Friday 15th - 10am AWST
Capricorn Full Moon Circle
AUGUST Friday 12th - 10am AWST
Aquarius Full Moon Circle
SEPTEMBER Friday 9th - 10am AWST
Pisces Full Moon Circle
OCTOBER Sunday 9th - 5pm AWST
Aries Full Moon Circle
NOVEMBER Sunday 6th - 5pm AWST
Taurus Full Blood Moon Prep
DECEMBER Friday 9th - 10am AWST
Gemini Full Moon Circle

Expect the unexpected. 

This is the place where you move beyond the confines of a conditioned mind and into the expansiveness you have dreamed of. The muscles of your intuition will be flexed and worked, you will fine tune your relationship with your inner senses. You will grow into the version of you that you keep glimpsing and can never quite reach.

Our sessions will be delivered via Zoom monthly and all the details will be accessed via your Thinkific* portal, along with every recording for those who can't join us live.

*Thinkific is free to join. You will be asked to create a Thinkific account (if you don't already have one) before you enter your payment details. This requires less than a minute of your time.

It is time. 
To know yourself. 
To rise in love with the light of your essence. 
To embrace all parts of Self that ye may soar again. 
To shift your frequency away from the density you have become accustomed to. Not because it’s bad, simply because it is no longer you. You feel it and feel the hunger for the promise of ‘more’. This does not come from outside of you and the accruement of ‘things’. 
This is a journey inward. 
Filling your vessel with luminosity. 
Your life with Richness. 
It is not so much as an ascension right now - it is more an incension. You go inwards, raise your frequency and live life boldly, creatively, open heartedly, joyously. 

"Vanessa holds a space so deep and pure, it has to be felt to be truly understood. She is love incarnate, and such a beautiful reminder to us all of what we get to choose in this life." - Bonnie Beal

Your Sacred Monthly Exchange

Welcome to my first ever offering of this kind, where you can join me monthly in circle. Every month. For as long as you desire.

This is the way of Frequency. She is simple, she is profound. She is joyous, she is love. She is peaceful, she is wise. She is spirited, she is the fire of transmutation.

Enhance your frequency every month with the moon.

This is a Frequency Exchange System, 
where you choose at what vibration/frequency you want to give and receive in this portal. 
This creates the opportunity to not only pay for your place but to also help another pay for their place. I understand it is trying times, this way I can reach and bless those who are called to this space.
 You choose your frequency. 
You choose your sacred exchange.
What vibration does that bring into your body? 
What vibration are you attracting? 
It is up to you what vibration/frequency you want to bring and can bring to this space and what vibration you want to
 receive at. 

The Frequency membership portal is designed to allow more people to play here in this space as well as set the vibration/intentions from the very first click of the button with your exchange.

Choose your Sacred Exchange:

This is a monthly payment that is automatically generated through Thinkific - you can cancel your portal access at anytime.

This space will involve surprise additions throughout the year.

You will have access to all recordings for the duration of your payments.

Selected new offerings will be presented at unique members prices for those in the Frequency portal.

BONUS - 'A Haven of Bliss' a 4-week journey immediately available for you to access within Frequency. 
A Haven of Bliss -  Create a haven of bliss within and around your home. Dive into practical, immersive, intentional rituals to create a sanctuary that feels safe, warm, 
love-filled and utterly bliss-full.

I’ll see you there. 

I’ll be waiting for you by the cosmic campfire.
The cauldron of wisdom ready for us to sip from. Portals of light ready for us to dance within. 

Here we meet, we melt, we are reborn. 

By this campfire we sing life into our bones again and raise our frequency to new heights and bring it all together in our human form on earth to serve the world, inviting others to follow by embodying the Wayshower spirit. 

She is. You are. I am. 
We are. 
The embodiment of FREQUENCY.

"Vanessa lovingly guides us on this journey as she shares her gifts, curates heartfelt programs and one on one opportunities to go deep. This will open up your life, it will change everything. It’s a gift to you that flows to others." - Peggy Tailon

Your Guide

Vanessa Jean, author and transformational alchemist, has spent the past 25years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, public speaking, reading Akashic Records, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator. 

With a personal dream as a guiding force, her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through Food Alchemy with Vanessa Jean.