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Sampling for Success

YouTube: Vanessa Jean - Sampling with Success link
Vanessa Jean demonstrates how to sample for success; connecting people with doTERRA essential oils and products in a meaningful and personal way. 

YouTube: Sharlene Sutter - Essential Oil Touch Points link
Sharlene Suttar demonstrates how she creates essential oil touch points in her daily life. With Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens. 

Sharlene Suttar - Host & Incentive Gifts Guide PDF link
Sharlene Suttar shares her magic and creative mind with amazing host and incentive gift ideas.

YouTube: Paul Ovens - Creating Enrolment Opportunities link
Do you struggle to find enrolment opportunities? Paul Ovens talks about the power of connection marketing and tapping into the network of those you already know.

Sample Cards - from doTERRA
"To guide you on your sampling journey, we have created a series of cards including sourcing information, uses and interesting facts about a a range of essential oils. You can download them and print them so you're equipped for any opportunity to share essential oil information!"

Text Blitz Script link 

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