The earth template of Dubai holds the frequency of limitless... 
we invite you to stand with us and align to your limitless potential. 

Welcome beautiful Woman,

Rachael and I welcome you to this landing page of bliss, majesty and connection with your unlimited nature. LIMITLESS is a place of unfathomable beauty, magic, majesty and grace. It is the moment you open yourself to pure grace flowing through you, that you permit those miracles knocking on your door to enter, to bless you, to alter your life and inner world. 

This is a residential retreat based in the sacred lands of dessert, sun and bountiful blessings. It is chosen to remind you of the unlimited abundance you can tap into and access any time you choose. From the moment you arrive, until the moment you depart, you will feel the pulsating presence of the Infinite coursing through you. 

This is a lush journey for the adventurous spirits bold enough to reclaim their birth right to live in the spaciousness of LIMITLESS. We begin first with clearing and reprogramming the DNA then dance into the Quantum Field. Most people are unaware of the extent of programs they have running that no longer, or possibly never did, serve them. So, we work on clearing what is deeply embedded and go into those places within.

What you will receive:

  • Lush, 5 star space to call ‘home’ for 2 nights
  • DNA KEY - tapping into the limitless, altering Activating your DNA and Self to calibrate to this frequency
  • Clearing poverty contracts from within your lineage and DNA - Clear and rewrite the programming 
  • DNA Regeneration to release and clear the 3 overpowering shadows (limiting beliefs) in this lifetime to bring you back to the light and your radiant connection with the divine
  • Sacred Sound Journeys and Activations with the Aspects of Sophia Golden Chalices 
  • Meditations
  • The Chakras with particular emphasis on the importance of the Earth Star and Soul Star connection 
  • Creating aromatic anchors as you reprogram
  • Deep dive into the energetics of working with essential oils as your metaphysical allies 
  • The art of blending to create a signature scent for the new you
  • Clean, plant-based food to nourish you from the inside 
  • Connection with like minds and hearts within this sisterhood

Our Retreat Space

We will be spending our time at The Lakehouse Luxury Villa, Dubai. 

We are inviting 3 guests to stay with us on this private retreat and we will be accepting 8 women to join us throughout the day (without sleepover).
We are keeping this intimate, exclusive and personal. This will enable us to journey deeply into the DNA Keys and DNA Regeneration and the great Akash with you.

There are 3 deluxe guest rooms available all which can be shared (please ask for the shared price of the rooms).

The villa also includes:
Maid service
3.5 bathrooms
3 living spaces

Every detail has been carefully thought out to make your stay truly memorable, this space is private and luxurious, we will let the photos do the speaking.

king room (ideal for sharing)
deluxe Queen room 1
deluxe queen room 2
"We are human in expression, but divine in creation and limitless in potentiality."
- Eric Butterworth

Your Sacred Investment

Includes: 2 night’s accommodation, all food, maid and LIMITLESS retreat led by two powerful women as your facilitators.

Dates: Friday 26th May - Sunday 28th May

Time: Arrival from 4pm Friday 26th May, check out 4pm Sunday 28th, unless staying extra night. 


Two-Day Pass: For locals wanting to join for the days (stay at home overnight). Limited spaces available.

Includes: No accommodation, wholefood lunch and 
2 days immersion with Vanessa Jean and Rachael 
Te Wano.

Times: 10am-4pm Saturday and Sunday 
(Friday night is exclusively allocated to residential retreat participants) 


For anyone wanting to stay one extra night (Sunday night) to calibrate and rest before returning home.


Your facilitators

Vanessa Jean

Vanessa Jean is an intuitive channel, mentor, Author, Clinical Aromatherapist, energy-worker and holistic therapist. Vanessa Jean has spent the past 30+ years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator.

Mumma Gaia is her muse, and she is devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birth right to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. Her heart song always brings her back to this and Mumma Gaia. 

Vanessa’s life is dedicated to walking side by side with women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive in her, and it is her desire to initiate and guide those she journeys with, home to their truth.

As a woman, mentor and pure channel of the Akashic Records, it is her delight to hold sacred space with you. Everything is done in the spirit of co-creation, guided by your divine spark to serve the higher good of all. This entails deep work in Akash, DNA regeneration, awakening your soul’s unique gifts and listening to and being led by your heart song once more. This is about remembrance, guided by the potency of the Akashic Masters, light activations, generational healing and clearing, sacred sound and light language.

Rachael Te Wano

Rachael is a Soul healer, womb shaman, earth intuitive and mentor she is the founder of The Sovereign Path DNA KEY. 
Rachael speaks at events and runs retreats at sacred sites around the world, she works with a global clientele in private session, both online and in person, guiding people to their point of Power and Grace. 
She works in co creation with your highest self, she accesses your akashic records through sacred sound and light language, removes galactic entities and deep lineage and past life trauma.
Rachael guides you through etheric and embodiment teachings to align you to your point of power and grace so to live your Soul mission.

It is her truth that everything lays within your sacred heart, and it is her role to hold a sacred space offering simple embodied practices and expansive etheric workings so YOU may unlock your true potential within a society that is constructed to remove your power.
Rachael travelled extensively in her twenties following the whispers of her heart, trusting and learning the processes of life and the human consciousness.  As a child Rachael danced between worlds, seeing and feeling through the veils, guided in the etheric chambers with the Masters and Sophia. She has found a way to balance the etheric expansion with the grounded human experience. 

When she is not sitting in sacred circle Rachael resides on acreage in the southwest of Western Australia with her husband and 2 boys where she is hearing the call to return to the soil, her roots and hold the highest template for humanity at this time of great change.