Join me this winter as we come together in the warm embrace of love. Come nourish your soul and nervous system around the fires of beliefs, forgiveness, creation and healing. Emerge with the spark of awareness, ritual and connection.

WINTER OF LOVE is made of 4 online gatherings over July + August, set for a beautiful Monday morning (depending on your location) to start your week with abundance. You can pop in for a few or just make the leap into the love puddle of 4. Whatever moves you.  Whatever blesses you. It’s all perfect. I know it’s the Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, the season doesn't matter, it is all about the feeling - everyone is welcome to this love fest!! It will be meaningful to you no matter where you are in the world. 

I have new essential oil creations and practices to share, sacred breath and meditation to dive into and gifts from my heart to yours. Some of you will resonate with them, feel them awaken the sleeping magick weaver within you. Others may not. This is why I have a selection and a new way to choose. Intended to give you a gift of love to as many as possible.

You can pop into your chosen class or classes for only $22 per class.
Or… you can jump right in and have an ALL ACCESS PASS for $77 - this includes your Winter of Love eBook: with playlists, the forgiveness prayer, essential oil blends and lifetime access to the meditations and gifts of each session.

It’s a choose your own adventure style of engaging with me and the amazing tribe that gather around these events. 

Week 1 | Core Wounds

With Chiron Retrograde and the core wounds within. We will explore practices to witness, address and let go, with simple, profoundly moving essential oil protocols to guide you, including a sacred sound journey. 
Includes in-depth essential oil protocols (single notes and curated blends).

WHEN: Monday 24th of July at 11am AWST 
(Recording available within 48hrs)

Week 2 | Forgiveness

With the floral Queendom and potent allies, including the Forgiveness Prayer for change and lasting blessings. Simple, profoundly moving essential oil protocols to guide you in your daily practices.

WHEN: Monday 31st of July at 11am AWST 
(Recording available within 48hrs)


Week 3 | The Art of Blending

An intimate conversation on essential oils for the mind, body and spirit and intuited blends for your unique circumstances. Essential oil protocols - single notes and curated blends. 

WHEN: Monday 14th of August at 11am AWST 
(Recording available within 48hrs)

Week 4 | Stoke your Inner Fire

Simple practices to stoke your inner fire, bring healing and awareness to your wise womb and her power. Essential oils to harness your energy, power and potency.

WHEN: Monday 21st of August at 11am AWST 
(Recording available within 48hrs)

Special Offer

Winter of Love all access pass for you and a sister - some of us are gift givers.  It’s our love language. In honour of this here is your special price for 2 of you to join all 4 classes - SAVE $32

Words of Love + Gratitude from others

"Feeling ‘wholeness’ with the thread of mind, heart, womb aligning after that last meditation. Combined with all the ideas and love that is pouring out. I feel more courageous on my path, with what is not serving even more so falling away. Looking forward to a walk in the forest with all the leaves falling this morning after this call. Buzzing yes!"
- Fee Bell

"Wowee that was amazing!!! I feel so activated, my whole body is pulsing and I’m feeling all the integrations of this new way of being."
- Kira Fischer

"Mystique (previous course) promised to be a journey. It was, but it was also so much more. It touched my soul. It brought joy to my heart. It opened me to new experiences and remembrance of old ones. I loved every minute of it and am so grateful to have experienced it. Vanessa Jean exudes love and acceptance without exception. I love that we can laugh, cry, share and learn together without judgement.
Thank you, from a place deep inside me, from my soul, thank you!"
- Toni Imrie
This Community is heart-based, magical, intelligent, fun, curious, wise, high vibe, and honest—and I adore you all! 
We love to dive deep. We love to laugh. We love to love. Come snuggle in with us.  

I hope you will join me my loves! 


The practical information - 
  • All sessions will be held LIVE via Zoom. 
  • Zoom link will be shared via email upon enrolment.
  • Reminder emails will be sent weekly.
  • Recording of each session will be emailed within 48 hours.
  • All recordings will remain accessible to you, with unlimited access.
  • Any resources will be emailed.
  • Please ensure you check your junk mail for our communications.
  • No refunds.
  • All access pass comes with FREE Winter of Love eBook.

About Me - Vanessa Jean

I am an intuitive channel, mentor, author, aromatherapist, retreat facilitator and energy-worker. Mumma Gaia is my muse, and I am devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birth right to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. My heart song always brings me back to this and Mumma Gaia.

My life is dedicated to walking side by side with women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive, and it is my desire to initiate and guide those I journey with, home to their truth.