She is the woman who 

She imbues it with her strength, her courageous heart and the love of the Universe. 
Her voice touches the outer reaches of your consciousness pivoting you in a new direction.
A warm welcome to you radiant Goddess.

Voice of the Goddess invites you to turn up the dial of your RADIANCE.

To let this light bless all that you create, do and be in the world. This light will ignite the path before you from the altar of your heart, shining on the cosmic staircase made by stardust and moonbeams before you. As you alight upon these steps, you begin the journey home to your truth, your sovereignty and your light. 

Your soul is the wise alchemist that will guide you… follow your light.

Here, you are able to welcome all of you. All parts of you denied and loved. 

From within this liminal space, you bask in the silence and you summon your courage to ask yourself and the world questions with meaning, substance and grit.

What is Voice of the Goddess 2.0

Voice of the Goddess will undoubtedly be one of the most enriching and nourishing inner journeys you will ever undertake. She is the spaciousness where the mystical and the magical are imbued with equal doses of magic. 

Voice of the Goddess is about becoming the embodiment of your Divinity and embracing your ineffable Nature.

This is where you ‘ascend’ by going inwards and meeting yourself then rising from this space in your Wholeness.

This is for those of you bold enough to create a new life and way of 'Being' by tugging on the drawstrings of your future and claiming your magnificence in its entirety.

Over the course of six turnings of the moon and a cycle of seasonal transformation, you will undergo a private ‘mentorship’ with me, Vanessa Jean.

This is the second time I am birthing Voice of the Goddess into the world. This time around, her inner workings have altered. She is anchoring her light into the Divine strands of your DNA. 
As you flex the muscles of your intuition and remember once more to trust your inner navigational system, you become more conscious of how the Divine speaks into you and the world around you. 

This brings many gifts. 
Not the least of which is remembering ONENESS. 
Anchoring your light. 
Living empowered, sovereign and free. 
Living and speaking your truth.

Your word is fueled by your essence when signaled to the world with mindfulness.
In this way, you offer your beauty and breathtaking magnificence to the world. 

The Universe picks up the signal of intentionality as you create alignment between your heart and mind. It delivers to you the breadth and depth of your desires in miraculous ways. The more you grow accustomed to relinquishing all attachment to any given outcome, the more spaciousness you allow for Grace to flow through you and all around you. 

Grace is forever wanting to fill your life, step back and allow her to fill the spaces around you with her luminous light. The light that reminds you of your own divinity. Open your heart in gratitude. In love. With unbounded joy. Bear witness to Grace filling the vast expanses of your inner and outer world. 

This is the Miracle. Complete surrender invites the miraculous to bless you and to be seen by you. Like Grace, miracles are not finite. They are patiently, lovingly waiting for you to say yes.

This will be a journey of transformation, revelation and retreat. A new birth as you embrace your true nature in its entirety. As your inner senses awaken and your intuition turns all the way on. 
The courageous souls joining me will say 'YES' to Transmutation where, like the Alchemist, you undergo complete change from within you to be born anew.

You will transform in the alchemical fires of your inner knowing and claim a life of Remembrance as the Magnificent Goddess that you are.

 "The Voice of the Goddess with Vanessa Jean has unlocked something within me that has been lying dormant my whole life, or perhaps for lifetimes!

 I have come to better understand myself and connect with the wild free woman that I am. It has helped me find the courage to truly be ALL that I am. 

I have tools now that my heart has been longing for, tools that help me connect to the wisdom within with more clarity. 

I have a unique song that is needed on the planet at this time in history and I now have the courage to sing my heart out into the world!"

- Marie McNamara
Who is this for

Voice of the Goddess is for women who want to feel their magic and the star dust of the ancient and the new pulsating through their veins.

It is for the woman ready to craft her legacy with future memories. 

The journey forward is about becoming. It’s about your continual evolution. 
Becoming. Embodying. Receiving the codes because you are committed to becoming all 
that you were born to be.
You will immerse in and remember the art of meaningful, sacred devotions, rituals, meditation and plant medicine (essential oils and cacao, infusions and witchy poo creations). 
This is for the woman who says yes to embracing her innate joy. Igniting cellular memory and DNA strands to becoming, evolving and expanding into the version of herself who is ready to be birthed in this moment.

This is a clarion call for the woman who is ready to summon to her the life of her choosing by creating from her FUTURE rather than the past. It's a call for you to become a magnet for miracles and reclaim your birthright. To live with joy, majesty, health, abundance and grace.
It is for the woman who wants to

  • LIVE rather than exist
  • Remember - all of who she is
  • Connect with her magic
  • Connect with the Goddess and hear Her voice from within and all around - not as something separate from her - as part of her
  • Embody esoteric principles and teachings
  • Run women’s circles, sister circles, meditations groups etc.
  • Learn how to read their own Akashic records (the universes' vibrational archive containing information for every souls' past, present and future)
  • Engage and dance with the sensual and sexual divine inner Aphrodite wanting to be set free

This is for the woman who is ready to throw open the doorways of her heart and step in to the field of infinite possibilities. She is ready to weave her life from the fabric of the quantum and to embody the gifts of what moves through her.

This is for the woman ready to activate her genius.
"There is something really Magical that happens when woman come together in ceremony, in circle.
The whole experience of Voice of the Goddess was absolutely Magical. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this exquisite journey and be held in such a sacred space by Vanessa Jean and the other incredible women who were there.

Vanessa deeply embodies the wisdom that she has to share, she is a Way Shower, Magic Weaver, it was an absolute honor to receive her medicine, she pours her heart and soul into her offerings and it is felt in every moment.

The Human Spirit is so beautiful, when we allow ourselves to see and be seen, to open our hearts and let love in, we create space for Magic to happen."

- Siobhan Kilshaw

What can you expect
The Voice of the Goddess will shine a spotlight on your divinity. She offers you powerful anchors and divinely encoded keys to unlock doors within you that have been long forgotten. The unlocking leads to an unleashing. 

Your sacred vessel becomes the receptacle for light codes. You will learn to anchor them and embody them. Bringing them where they are most needed - this earth plane in the here-now moment.  

Timelines blur as you enter oneness via the infinitely magical spaciousness from which we shall conduct our ‘workings’. 

The Akashic Records. The universal records of all lifetimes past, present and future. This will be our playground. This unending tome contains within it, the future you are desiring to magnetise to you. We will dive in and rewire the mind, body and emotions to amplify your capacity to be the magnet for Grace and Miracles you were born to be. 

The gift of your Soul will not reveal itself to you by doing what you have always done and being who you have always been. 

It is time to embody your RADIANCE.

 To be all that you were born to be. To enter uncharted waters and let your heart and soul be your navigational devices. Here you will see it all clearly. The light codes will be revealed as you slip beyond the veil of your 3D self and life and enter the expansive void. 

Twelve sublime light codes, like 12 ethereal strands of the DNA will unravel before you. With each you will receive tones and mantras from the Akashic Masters, StarBeings and light beings guiding humanity right now. These beings are the future versions of yourself… and it is time to embody the fullness of you! Sound generates a new frequency from within you, acting as a portal into your truth. 

These light codes will align with each of the 5 elements you shall be immersing into over the first 5 months. In the final month, it all comes together, culminating in the apex of this journey - where you will learn to read your own Akashic Records. This is one of the greatest gifts I offer you. It will free you in ways you could never imagine. Connecting you with pure, unconditional love and the expansiveness of your soul’s frequency. 

A journey into the 5 sacred Elements will set your path onto attuning your vibration to two new codes per element. Each will be aligned with plant allies; essential oils, Cacao Ceremonies, herbal infusions and creations to heal your subtle body and bring you home.  Your inner senses will open to Gaia and Her children.
To their Spirit, their Voice, their Song. 

I have many amazing experiences, gifts and modalities woven into this beautiful 6-month journey. I also plan to remain open as I work in the space of the Akashic Records so that the offering may meet the needs of the unique sisterhood gathering in this sacred circle. 

My intention is to wholeheartedly serve and stand in the presence of what IS not what I would like it to be. Thus, if you are open to this being a vortex of magic and light beams, this is the space for you. Rather than an unyielding rigid course outline, I will guarantee full presence and heart to meet you in your heart.

Month 1 - 
Earth Element | Love + Wisdom Codes
Attuning your frequency to becoming the embodiment of all that you desire. 
Embracing the wisdom and love from the Earth and living your truth with these codes day by day. The Earth element is nestled within the essential oil allies stored within the roots, rhizomes, bark and heartwood. Enter the earth and surrender to these preliminary codes that will set the world as you know it, on fire. 

Month 2 - 
Fire Element | Wealth + Light Codes
Reclaiming your birthright to a life of abundance, transformational wealth and a joyous expression of your light. Weaving with the allies found from within the fruit kingdom - they understand how to change form; moving from flower to succulent fruits and berries. In this lunar cycle, you will transform your relationship with money, to embrace its frequency at the highest level, thereby blessing your life deeply. 

Month 3 - 
Air Element | Frequency + CoCreation Codes
Inviting you to embrace new perspectives, with the leaf kingdom, bringing clarity, higher thought and new viewpoints into your sphere as you alter your perception and step into natural co-creation with the Universe and the wisdom of your Soul. 

Month 4 - 
Water Element | Divine Union + Empress Codes
Enter the sanctuary of the Heart as you dance with the frequency of love with the Divine Union Codes and the Floral Queendom as your plant allies. Moving between worlds and transcending known dimensions into the unknown, as you attune yourself to the potency of these codes. You and Mother Earth are mostly water.  This month you will feel the flow, the currents and the tide from within you. You will deepen your connection with the Moon and how her cycles move you. You will embrace and rise into your Empress.

Month 5 - 
Akasha Element | Harmonic Convergence + Awakened Consciousness Codes
This is an invitation to enter your inner sanctum to unlock your inner wisdom and have the confidence to give it expression in the world. Creating coherence between your mind and heart, living the full expression of you as you summon your future to you. Here you work with the Resins and Seeds. They take you into your core. You cannot hide here. All is illuminated from within. Here, you come home. 

Month 6 - 
Full Circle | The Living Channel + The Miraculous Codes
Here you will be invited into immersive retreats, taking you on a journey to embark on reading your own Akashic Records. You become the living channel. You magnetise miracles to you. You are the one you have been waiting for. The search is over. You are home. This is the return to love.

A powerful closing ceremony with the sisterhood of Voice of the Goddess. 

Each month has a beautifully written and illustrated elemental ‘kit’ with additional manuals to support your daily devotions, practices and ceremonies. These can also be used to enhance your business. Use them as you need, they are created for you. 

"Through Vanessa's warm and wise guidance I have found bits and pieces of myself I didn’t even know I had or that were missing. 

She has awakened me to love with her love. This is difficult to explain as you do not know what it is like... what you have been missing before you find it. 

If you want to find hidden and missing pieces of yourself, truly awaken yourself, I highly recommend Vanessa as your guide. I felt so safe, so seen, so held, so empowered in this sacred space she created and held so beautifully for us. Every session was healing for me. I feel completely changed on the inside."

- Gro Hatlemark

What Will I Learn

On a practical level for all of you Goddesses wanting to know “What will I get from this 6-month journey?” 

You will:

  • Learn to read your own Akashic Records – be empowered and truly sovereign as you learn to access the Wisdom held within your Past, Present and Future selves.

"I am so grateful for the magical session, and healing on Saturday. 
All the sessions in this offering have been powerful and full of gifts and insights. They all build up on each other to suddenly create such a release... as this one did for me! "

  • Undergo deep journeys of transformation with the Alchemy of Sacred Sound. Learn to use your voice as the sacred instrument of Transformation that it was intended to be. Immerse with sacred sound journeys for deep meditation, complete rejuvenation and vision creation.
  • Learn powerful and varying meditation techniques that will alter your relationship with meditation and ‘stillness’. You will learn different teachings to implement at different stages of your life and as different needs demand: e.g. seated, standing, open-eyed, closed-eye, powerful breath work, heart meditation and dynamic (moving meditation, creating coherence and alignment between your major energy channels to activate the sacred codes of your Divinity).
"This was incredible! A missing piece that I am on track to manifesting is, using my gifts for true work joy and prosperity, so excited to have this recording by Vanessa Jean - your goddess voice in my ears as things are in motion and unravel from the inside out. It’s already happened!"

  • Receive DNA Regeneration: decoding and recoding your DNA as you prepare to live as your soul and Creator intended for you in this life.
  • Receive instruction in the use of essential oils and carrier oils to access pure plant medicine and learn how to attune your inner ear and heart to the voice of the Earth Goddess - Mother Gaia (I affectionately call her Mumma Gaia). Your relationship with Her will deepen as you dive into your Mother-Daughter Matrix and unwind from a 3-D relationship and enter Sacred Union with Her and Her children (the animal, mineral and plant kingdom). I will guide you in essential oil benefits, uses and creations based on the spirit and emotional realm. You'll connect with plant devas and the life force of the plants. This will be very extensive.
"Tonight I made my Master Blend from the last call and my 11 year old daughter asked if she could make a blend also. I taught her how to muscle test what oils she should have in her blend and she chose the most amazing oils, balancing masculine and feminine and lots of protection. Woah! So amazing."

  • Unlock your inner senses from the cages that bind them and re-learn to enhance your sensory world by being who you were truly meant to be. Awaken not only the ‘inner eye’, but lift the veil more completely so that you can sense, feel, hear, taste, smell and see the technicoloured palette of the Universe (Multi-verse is a construct of the Human Mind; it is indeed Uni – One. Not because there is only ‘one’ but because the many are all uniquely connected as ‘one’ in Divine Unity). You will remember the Oneness that so peacefully aligns all Beings, in all lands, from all worlds.
  • Connect with the Voice of the Goddess. It is not a ‘construct’ that lives outside of you, it is within you and embedded in every living organism. You will learn to tune in to its frequency using simple and clear techniques.
  • Immerse in the Infinite Realm of Potentials and rejoice in opening yourself to creating a new you and a new life from a space you will feel completely at home in. Formlessness, Spaciousness, The Void.

"Thank you for our heart opening, mama resonating, blissful, love-a-thon last night. I am continuing to hold sacred space for each of you and I plan to share much more here. I’m just still processing it all. Wow. What a magical circle we were a part of together."
  • Bring your learnings to your daily life - Hearth Magic. You'll transform your house into a haven, your body into the sacred vessel it is and your food into alchemical creations. Living with intention in your home and life upon the Earth just got easier and more joyous. You will learn practices of purification, cleansing, and consecration.
"I have been using this sessions eBook daily, as well as clearing with rosemary on my crown, and now incorporating the flow of water as I feel the desire to release. Collecting all my blue crystals for my altar. I have been singing mantras, which is something new for me. Tonight I'm anointing in the New Moon blend and will write my intentions & wishes for the new."

  • Create your Sacred, Signature Scent. I will show you how to create your Sacred Scent with intention. Ancient practices will meet modern life as you swirl in creative energy and formulate your unique purefume.
  • Participate in and learn Sacred Practices - Rituals - Anointing - bring the bountiful harvest life delivers to the altar of your heart. Embrace your Holiness and Oneness with all that has been, all that is, and all that ever shall be.

  • Experience online retreats featuring; Chakras, Essential Oils, Akashic Records, movement, sound and so much more. Including comprehensive eBooks.

"This retreat was so amazing - I didn't realise how much my body needed me to slow down and reconnect with it. The session was just what I needed. And the healing circle was something really special to be part of. I am so grateful that I allowed myself the time for the call."

  • Detailed manuals and eBooks (curated per session) to support your journey during and post Voice of the Goddess.

"Wow! How beautiful is the Akashic Handbook! I've just read it cover to cover and I am SO excited for tomorrow."

  • Live channeled music and meditations.
"This song... oh is there even a way to describe? Heavenly!"

  • Special guest facilitators - you are going to love working with the creative magic of many experts in their specialty field - more to come.

  • You will also receive a Goddess Gift Pack - a magical gift pack filled with tools you can use along the way.

"Such a divine gift Vanessa Jean thank you! I am just loving feeling, inhaling and admiring the beauty of all the treasures."

"Wow! The heart meditation was magical, wonderful - so powerful I had several shifts through it all."
"Thank you for this beautiful space filled with so much Magic and Wisdom."
"What an amazing session Vanessa! I loved the movement with Erin... But I really LOVE, LOVE, LOVED the chakras and felt so empowered! I could feel them change and get them moving so easily with your guidance Vanessa. WOW. 
Thank you!"
"Thank you for all your wisdom, all you give to us and share with us. I am forever so grateful I am part of this fantastic circle of women."
"This class is by far my absolutely favourite… dance, chakras, fire, citrus oils… Oh my goddess. I’m absolutely immersed in it and I could watch this every single day and have a different experience. Thank you."

- Voice of the Goddess Alumni 2021

Your Sacred Investment
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One-time Payment
$3333 USD

4 Monthly Payments
$850 USD

Alumni ONLY Exclusive Payment
$2222 USD

Alumni ONLY 4 Monthly Payments
$565 USD

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The How

We meet at the familiar time of 5:30pm AWST every second Saturday for 6-months.

Because we are creating a habit, we are building the most beautiful relationship, connection, community that you’ve ever felt. And you are committed to showing up. The same way a date night, or moon cycle or cleaning of homes is entwined in the rhythm of your life, our Saturday night gatherings become the foundation, the core of your desire to heal from the inside out.

Voice of the Goddess Thinkific Portal

There will be a dedicated Thinkific Portal for us to come together and share our journeys. 

Many resources, eBooks and offerings will supplement your Voice of the Goddess journey. Everything you need will be contained in this space for you.

In my sacred offerings I always include and create space for those joyous moments when we switch off the recording and you each have opportunity to share what is resting on your heart at this time.

Our sessions will be delivered via Zoom and all the details will be accessed via the Thinkific portal, along with every recording for those who can't join us live.

*Thinkific is FREE to join. You will be asked to create a Thinkific account before you enter your payment details (this requires less than one minute of your time - enter your email and choose your password).

Your Commitment to Yourself

Your commitment: show up! 
Join me live on Zoom as much as you can. Love yourself enough to set the time aside and be unwavering in your commitment to your Self. This is a journey of unravelling discovery and creation. Be Present.

My Commitment to You

We will meet fortnightly on Zoom for 2 hours on Saturdays 5.30pm AWST (Perth, Australia). 

This will be the ANCHOR time that you will use to work out what time we will meet in your part of the world. Check your favourite time conversion app or try World Time Buddy.

Our Facebook Sister Space
I will go live into the group at regular intervals and be very active in the group. I am known for giving extremely high value and this journey will be no exception.
You will have a ‘home base’ to return to daily as we are creating a beautiful Facebook group for the Voice of the Goddess tribe to land, integrate, and share. Here you can ask questions, share stories and be safe in your vulnerability and power. It is a place to ‘practice’ being the embodiment of all you choose to be.

No content can be accessed here. All content will be available in your Thinkific portal.
Zoom Call Dates and Times
Fortnightly Zooms will be held Saturdays 5.30 - 7.30pm AWST (Perth Australia) - unless specified otherwise. 
Each session is 2 hours (though sometimes this will go over if the energy is there). Then the recording is switched off and for up to an hour is where much of the magic transpires. It is no longer about ‘learning’, this is a space for sharing, feeling and receiving from your fellow Goddess sistars and from me. This space opens itself to further channeling and mentoring from Vanessa Jean when called for. 

In addition to the fortnightly gatherings, you will be invited to four half day online retreats. These will take you on a journey through the Chakras (12 chakras and the world beyond), your Akashic Records and more. Each will have their own accompanying guide that you can print and use in your own sister circles, private practice and retreats.  

This magical journey over the six months of Voice of the Goddess will prepare you for the final retreats dedicated to teaching you to read your own Akashic Records. By this stage you are primed and ready to be guided to this and to using sacred Grace points and align fully with the codes of light given over the course of our time together. You will be given a comprehensive manual detailing everything you need from Grace points, to mantras to activate and tone the Chakras, question prompts, potent clearing and protection of your subtle energy body and the sacred words to open your Records. It is a safe, very simple method of accessing your Divine Wisdom and to being guided by your Wisdom Keepers, the Akashic Masters. This sublime space of unconditional love will fill you with Grace and deep peace. 

All Zooms will be recorded and uploaded to the Thinkific Portal within 48hrs of completion. 

Course Duration
Voice of the Goddess will start Saturday June 11, 2022 and run until Saturday November 26, 2022.
Something New + Unique

Goddess Awakening Pods [also known as GAP} are beautiful sacred sessions dedicated to you and a small group of women who will become your intimate sisters. You will gather once a month together with 2 GAP guides as they guide you through the gaps in between our regular sessions.  This is a space created for you all to connect, debrief, inspire, console and celebrate each other.

These GAPs will be facilitated by Voice of the Goddess Alumni who will hold intimate space with smaller inner circles of the participant group. This will give you an opportunity to share more deeply, to explore and to ask questions. It is an invitation to those not yet ready to share in the larger group setting to set their voice free in small spaces with dedicated women guiding you. 

The Goddess Awakening Pods will occur once a month and will be bought together by your dedicated GAP Guide.

This is going to be nurturing and magic.
Special Offers...

“Being in Vanessa’s presence is such a DELIGHT. The way she holds space is both grounded and cosmic. She has the capacity to always remind me of my power. She has helped me navigate the intense currents of life in the past year and I’m so grateful for that. 

Whenever I join any of her offerings I know I’m in for some deep nourishment and some BIG revelations. It’s just the nature of her sacred work. The energy that comes through her is crystalline, radiant and true. I’m deeply grateful and honored to travel this human experience by her side.” 

- Andrea Gomez

Your Guide...

Vanessa Jean, author and transformational alchemist, has spent the past 25years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, public speaking, reading Akashic Records, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator. 

With a personal dream as a guiding force, her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through Food Alchemy with Vanessa Jean. 

Free Goddess Discovery Call

For those of you that would like to connect with me to cement your decision to join me and the thriving community of Voice of the Goddess, use the form below and my Admin Angels will reach out to connect us in a 15 minute Zoom call where you can ask all the questions about your Voice of the Goddess investment. I can't wait to connect with you.