Embrace | Immerse | Rise
Be the embodiment of all that you are meant to be.
What is VOICE of the Goddess 2021?
Voice of the Goddess is about becoming the embodiment of your Divinity and embracing your ineffable Nature.

This is where you ‘ascend’ by going inwards and meeting yourself then rising from this space in your Wholeness.

This is for those of you bold enough to create a new life and way of 'Being' by tugging on the drawstrings of your future and claiming your magnificence in its entirety.

Over the course of 6 turnings of the moon and a cycle of seasonal transformation from the first Equinox of 2021 to the last, you will undergo a private ‘mentorship’ with me, Vanessa Jean.

This will be a journey of transformation, revelation and retreat. A new birth as you embrace your true nature in its entirety.
The courageous souls joining me will say 'YES' to Transmutation where, like the Alchemist, you undergo complete change from within you to be born anew.

You will transform in the alchemical fires of your inner knowing and claim a life of Remembrance as the Magnificent Goddess that you are.

Always, and forever, spiralling back to return to love.

The Voice of the Goddess will shine a spotlight on your divinity. It offers you powerful anchors and divinely encoded keys to unlock doors within you that have been long forgotten. The unlocking leads to an unleashing. Your sacred vessel (your body) becomes the receptacle for light codes opening doorways into vortices and creating bridges between the physical world and lifetimes beyond the current. Timelines blur as you enter oneness via the infinitely magical spaciousness from which we shall conduct our ‘workings’.

All sessions will be held live online via the Zoom platform. Each session will be 2 hours plus 3 additional half-day online retreats.

These retreats will be powerful and divinely guided. I will bring transmissions through from Galactic, Angelic and other light realms. You will be immersed in the energy of The Akashic Records (the universes' vibrational archive containing information for every souls' past, present and future). You will experience DNA regeneration, sacred sound and nutrition for the body, mind, spirit and heart. You will dance, chant, move and playfully summon your future to you in the most stunningly simple and lasting ways.

Some of you may have little or no conscious knowing of these things - some will already be on the path. 

No matter where you are at, all are welcome on this journey. 

There will be spaciousness for you to dance in the new knowledge coming through and use its creative energy to have more of the experiences you truly desire.

Voice of the Goddess is for women who want to feel their magic and the star dust of the ancient and the new pulsating through their veins.

It's for women who say a fully body 'YES' to living a joy filled and amazing life, not merely existing. 

You will learn sacred devotions, rituals, meditation and plant medicine (essential oils and cacao, infusions and witchy poo creations). This is for women who say yes to bringing the joy back and to igniting their cellular memory and DNA to not only what once was, and is still within them but also to that which is coming. The future self that you as an empowered woman choose to evolve into.

This is a clarion call for women who are ready to summon the life of their choosing by creating their FUTURE not reliving their past. It's a call for you to become a magnet for miracles and reclaim your birthright. To live with joy, majesty, health, abundance and grace.
It is for the woman who wants to...

  • LIVE rather than exist
  • Remember - all of who they are
  • Connect with their magic
  • Connect with the Goddess and hear Her voice from within and all around - not as something separate from them - as part of them
  • Learn more about esoteric principles and teachings
  • Run women’s circles, sister circles, meditations groups etc.
  • Would love to learn how to read their own Akashic records (the universes' vibrational archive containing information for every souls' past, present and future)
  • Engage and dance with the sensual and sexual divine inner Aphrodite wanting to be set free

If you are this woman, then Voice of the Goddess will be the deeply liberating and nurturing journey your soul has been waiting for.

The Earth needs us all to wake up and to raise our vibration. To remember the breadth and depth of our mission in this incarnation, on this planet. To LOVE and be LOVED.

Voice of the Goddess will remind you how to summon Grace to your side. To live in your heart and the heart of all that is, and thus witness the miracles that knock at your door ready to bless you.

This will be a playful, magical, and joyous invocation to the Goddess within and all around you.

See you there sisters,
Cacao in hand,
Fire crackling in the hearth,
And a smile dancing upon your lips.

With love, Vanessa Jean
What can I Expect?
I have many amazing experiences, gifts and modalities woven into this beautiful 6-month journey. I also plan to remain open as I work in the space of the Akashic Records so that the course may meet the needs of the unique sisterhood gathering in this sacred circle.

My intention is to wholeheartedly serve and stand in the presence of what IS not what I would like it to be. Thus, if you are open to this being a vortex of magic and light beams, this is the space for you.

Rather than an unyielding rigid course outline, I will guarantee full presence and heart to meet you in your heart.

Each month of the 6-month journey together will have a specific focus. A focus that honours the 5 alchemical elements and culminates in the 6th month where we complete our circle and unleash the full feminine force with your own 'Voice of the Goddess'.

Month 1 - Earth
Inviting you to return to core values of who you truly are and what you stand for, as well as helping you to establish a life and legacy that revolves around what is important to you.

Month 2 - Water 
Inviting feelings of love and celebration of yourself, others and the universe.

Month 3 - Air
Inviting you to embrace new perspectives, bring clarity, higher thought and new viewpoints; to breathe in life, to understand and comprehend life more. 

Month 4 - Fire
Inviting growth and expansion, inviting you to face the avoided and the currently unknown and bring illumination into your life.

Month 5 - Akashic
Inviting you to deep dive within yourself to unlock your inner wisdom and have the confidence to give it expression in the world.

Month 6 - Full Circle
Close out with a powerful mantra and sacred purefume creation from ancient Egypt and the Stars.

What Will I Get From This 6-Month Journey?

On a practical level for all of you Goddesses wanting to know “What will I get from this 6-month journey?” 

You will:

  • Learn to read your own Akashic Records – be empowered and truly sovereign as you learn to access the Wisdom held within your Past, Present and Future selves.
  • Undergo deep journeys of transformation with the Alchemy of Sacred Sound. Learn to use your voice as the sacred instrument of Transformation that it was intended to be. Immerse with sacred sound journeys for deep meditation, complete rejuvenation and vision creation.
  • Learn powerful and varying meditation techniques that will alter your relationship with meditation and ‘stillness’. You will learn different teachings to implement at different stages of your life and as different needs demand: e.g. seated, standing, open-eyed, closed-eye, powerful breath work, heart meditation and dynamic (moving meditation, creating coherence and alignment between your major energy channels to activate the sacred codes of your Divinity).
  • Receive DNA Regeneration: decoding and recoding your DNA as you prepare to live as your soul and Creator intended for you in this life.
  • Receive instruction in the use of essential oils and carrier oils to access pure plant medicine and learn how to attune your inner ear and heart to the voice of the Earth Goddess - Mother Gaia (I affectionately call her Mumma Gaia). Your relationship with Her will deepen as you dive into your Mother-Daughter Matrix and unwind from a 3-D relationship and enter Sacred Union with Her and Her children (the animal, mineral and plant kingdom). I will guide you in essential oil benefits, uses and creations based on the spirit and emotional realm. You'll connect with plant devas and the life force of the plants. This will be very extensive.
  • Unlock your inner senses from the cages that bind them and re-learn to enhance your sensory world by being who you were truly meant to be. Awaken not only the ‘inner eye’, but lift the veil more completely so that you can sense, feel, hear, taste, smell and see the technicoloured palette of the Universe (Multi-verse is a construct of the Human Mind; it is indeed Uni – One. Not because there is only ‘one’ but because the many are all uniquely connected as ‘one’ in Divine Unity). You will remember the Oneness that so peacefully aligns all Beings, in all lands, from all worlds.
  • Connect with the Voice of the Goddess. It is not a ‘construct’ that lives outside of you, it is within you and embedded in every living organism. You will learn to tune in to its frequency using simple and clear techniques.
  • Immerse in the Infinite Realm of Potentials and rejoice in opening yourself to creating a new you and a new life from a space you will feel completely at home in. Formlessness, Spaciousness, The Void.
  • Bring your learnings to your daily life - Hearth Magic. You'll transform your house into a haven, your body into the sacred vessel it is and your food into alchemical creations. Living with intention in your home and life upon the Earth just got easier and more joyous. You will learn practices of purification, cleansing, and consecration.
  • Create your Sacred, Signature Scent. I will show you how to create your Sacred Scent with intention. Ancient practices will meet modern life as you swirl in creative energy and formulate a hard-set purefume balm.
  • Participate in and learn Sacred Practices - Rituals - Anointing - bring the bountiful harvest life delivers to the altar of your heart. Embrace your Holiness and Oneness with all that has been, all that is, and all that ever shall be.
  • Special guest facilitators - you are going to love working with the creative magic of Elsa Field and Jerome Zoran, Erin Fowler, Christine Farnham, Laetitia Andrac, Abby Branson, and my own hubby and co-creator in love, Paul Ovens. Check out below for more information on these amazing beings.
A special Note

For those of you wanting to overcome pesky annoyances such as self-doubt, wavering self-love, self-worth, forgetfulness of your Divinity and Light and myriad other nuisances I shall say this – whilst no one can remove these for you, we will empower you with tools and practices so that as these shadow aspects re-emerge from time to time, you will meet them with a new found strength, a new voice that will allow you to live as the empowered Goddess that you are. One unafraid of her own power. These shadow are just gifts that continue to challenge us all and remind us of our own true Nature. They are wayshowers along the way to reclaiming, embodying and fully embracing your majesty, divinity, and magnificence. These shadowy aspects, when honestly looked at, transform in holy moments into beams of light bridging the mundane with the Divine. The Holy Instant occurs when One is an accepted construct in your life.

By the end of this 6-month mentorship, you will have enjoyed deep connection time with me and with yourself in a way you possibly never have before.

You will remember that in saying ‘yes’ only to whatever resonates with you and keeps you in alignment with joy (your natural state) and Grace (an expansive energetic signature that is ever-present and ever-willing to bestow you in Blessings).

This journey is unlike anything I have ever offered before. It is where I bring all of my 30-plus years of experience, qualifications and revelations to one place. I am unsure if I will ever run this again. I am following the Divine Impetus within me to share these teachings now. I will show you how to connect with your true family (Star-seed or otherwise) and how to follow the Voice of the Goddess by becoming the embodiment of the future you that patiently awaits you.

You will learn (re-learn/remember) how to bring the sacred into your daily life with beautiful, simple rituals, practices, and gratitude. Gratitude is the highest form of receivership and with it you will alter the blueprint of your life as you tap int
o the electromagnetic field of your heart/mind and allow Grace and the Miraculous to ‘rush in’ and bless you profoundly.

What I share with you is a powerful collection of practices, experiences and teachings gleaned from a lifetime of devotion to what it is to find the Voice of the Goddess - it is right here dancing around you and always has been. You are simply going to become still enough to receive it fully.

Included in your investment is the Voice of the Goddess Kit which will be woven into our journey together as we create some amazing aromatic anchors and experiences that will allow you to carry what we share together into your future.

“Through a melody of movement and stillness, silence, and sacred sound, you will realign and reconnect with the Voice of the Goddess. 
She is You. 
You are She. 
Be all that you are meant to be.” 
– Vanessa Jean
Voice of the Goddess Facebook Group

There will be a dedicated a Facebook group for us to come together and share our journeys. 

Many resources, eBooks and offerings will supplement your Voice of the Goddess journey.

Your Commitment to Yourself

Your commitment: show up! Join me live on Zoom as much as you can. Love yourself enough to set the time aside and be unwavering in your commitment to your Self. This is a journey of unravelling discovery and creation. Be Present.

My Commitment to You

We will meet fortnightly on Zoom for 2 hours on Saturdays 5.30pm AWST (Perth, Australia). 

This will be the ANCHOR time that you will use to work out what time we will meet in your part of the world. Check your favourite time conversion app or try World Time Buddy.

I will go live into the group at regular intervals and be very active in the group. I am known for giving extremely high value and this journey will be no exception.

For the USA and Canada time zones, I will hold one Zoom per month in alignment with your time zone. (My morning, your evening). These Zooms will be for 1 hour in length.

You will have a ‘home base’ to return to daily as we are creating a beautiful Facebook group for the Voice of the Goddess tribe to land, integrate, and share. Here you can ask questions, share stories and be safe in your vulnerability and power. It is a place to ‘practice’ being the embodiment of all you choose to be.

Zoom Call Dates and Times
Fortnightly Zooms will be held Saturday 5.30pm AWST (Perth Australia) - unless specified.

All Zooms will be recorded and uploaded to the Facebook group by the following Monday. 

13 March
20 March

3 April
7 April 11am Perth/7pm PST with Judith Maxey - Plant Speak

1 May
15 May (this Zoom will be at 8pm AWST)
29 May

12 June
21 June special meditation (Monday) - time TBC
26 June

10 July
17 July - (changed from 24 July due to conflict with doTERRA Leadership)

7 August - this Zoom will be at 8pm AWST (Perth)
21 August

4 September
18 September
25 September

Course Duration
Voice of the Goddess will start Saturday 13 March and run until 25 September 2021.

“Only when you drink from the river of silence, shall you indeed sing.” 
– Kahlil Gibran

Special Guest Facilitators
Elsa Field & 
Jerome Zoran

Sacred Musicians

Devotional Music

Sound Ceremonies


Multi-faceted performer

Qualified Qoya teacher





Retreat Facilitator

Intuitive Readings


Direct Sales

Personal Development

Business Coaching


Laetitia Andrac

Soul Midwife

Oracle Cards

Ayurveda Principles

Abby Branson

Tantra-Kundalini Yogini

Guiding women back to love through the medium of their body



Energy Medicine

Shamanic Healing


Plant Spirits

Essential Oils

Elena Brower

Yoga Teacher

Bestselling Author


Christine Farnham
Whisperings of the Goddess
"Loved Whisperings of the Goddess. I worked through so much that had been blocking me. I know I'm a work in progress. Vanessa Jean was so encouraging, loving and supportive through the whole process. It was lovely to connect and learn with other goddesses. There was so much freedom to be who I am meant to be. Using my voice, dancing and laughter with a few tears were all part of the process. I am so grateful that Vanessa Jean put so much effort into making this course about freeing ourselves."

Jenny Haig

Whisperings of the Goddess
"Such an amazing and magical journey through the 5 magickal elements. Vanessa Jean Boscarello Ovens is so amazing, wonderful and supportive through this journey. I have had such a major shift happen to me which I am eternally grateful for."

Annette Baker

Whisperings of the Goddess
"Where to begin... What an incredible journey we went on in the Whisperings of the Goddess... The sacred container that was created and the Magic that weaved it’s way, activating every cell of my being was indescribable ✨ 
There was a deep remembering, a coming home, as parts of my DNA where activated, reactivated. The way in which Vanessa Jean shares her magic and wisdom is powerful, potent and alchemical. As she transmutes her transmissions into a multidimensional space for deep learning and receiving ♥️✨♥️ The content created was incredible and the resources given to us where absolutely beautiful. I am so grateful to have been a part of this and to integrate it all into my being ✨ I cannot wait to journey more with Vanessa Jean."

Siobhan Kilshaw

Whisperings of the Goddess
All that is required of you is saying YES!
Yes, I am ready to hear the VOICE OF THE GODDESS within me.
Yes, I am ready to boldly allow my sacred Feminine energy to unfold.
Yes, I am ready to courageously step forward into pure potentiality and return to Love.

Complete the form below and our team will be in touch to help you select the payment option that suits you best and organise your course enrolment.

Refer a Friend

As our thank you to you for referring a friend to Voice of the Goddess, you will be gifted a 1:1 Way of the Soultrepreneur session worth $550 with master business alignment mentor Paul Ovens (my amazing hubby and co-creator in this life). Aside from all the wonderful things you can read in his bio, Paul pays deep homage to the Goddess within each woman he mentors and has a phenomenal capacity to meet in heart and mind. You'll love his wisdom and experience that you can tap into to find solutions to challenges, bring clarity to your thoughts and actions as well as helping create abundance and lasting success with your endeavours.

Special Offer for the First 20 Bookings

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"I had the privilege of working with Vanessa Jean this past year. She was able to access my Akashic Records at a time when I really needed help connecting with my soul's information. 

Her ability to easily connect me and guide gently was simply beautiful. I was able to connect with feelings and gain understandings that I still go back to whenever I am in need.

I have no doubt that she will be able to teach this skill in such a profound way that we will be able to access our own records as needed and with ease."

Jessica - USA


"After my session with Vanessa Jean I felt an energy over me. That all the fear dissolved. I was reminded that I have guides, they are there supporting, loving, holding, inspiring me on this journey. I felt the energy and what it is like to be connected to that energy. It felt natural but without someone guiding me through the process and the feeling. Doubt and unknowingness were my default emotions and I remained living in fear and in doubt of myself.

I felt a love and a gratefulness that was peaceful and I want to practice how to live through this energy. Vanessa Jean confirmed everything I knew deep down but I didn’t have the courage or tools to know how to access it.

I am so excited to be going through this journey with you through Voice of the Goddess.

Thank you so much."

Julia Mahde
Vanessa Jean 
A Return Home to Love
Vanessa Jean, author and holistic therapist, has spent the past 25 years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, public speaking, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator. 

With a personal dream as a guiding force, her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through Food Alchemy with Vanessa Jean.