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Reveal what is hiding, abandoned and neglected and reclaim it. 
Reveal the hidden parts of yourself to become whole again.


Layer by layer she will reveal herself to you. 

You will journey into your depths to uncover three key shadows that obstruct your view of your core truth. Your inner sight is affected by these three shadows and during the 3 weeks of The Reveal, you will feel yourself exploring the depths of the many aspects of you, to uncover who you will be-come this lifetime. 

Most of humanity is affected to varying degrees by three shadows that hover over their choices, actions, words and emotional state. The way you live is impacted by them. For some, they are akin to an annoyance, an inconvenience that they will either ignore or overcome. For others, they are crippling. 

The Reveal will take you on a journey to safely unravelling these shadows, each week giving attention to one at a time. The process will align you with your truth, your power, your potency and ultimately your pure potential. Its purpose is to take you out of the shadows and glide along the runway of infinite possibilities. 

From this space, you choose a new way. You will journey back in time as I guide you from the Akashic Records (the Universal library of wisdom from all ages past, present and future) into the vast spacious Void, to create a new reality. Ultimately this is a beautiful process, one that looks at self-worth, 
self-awareness and self-love. You will move beyond the conceptual and into embodiment. 

Layer by layer the truth of who you are will reveal herself to you. 

Join me in what will be an unveiling unlike any other.


This for anyone ready for advanced energetics - these are simple, profound and utterly inspired codes given by the light beings working with humanity right now. 

This is for the women of the world ready to calibrate to radiance, expansion and a life beyond their dreams. 

This is for the woman ready to witness herself in truth, beyond the illusory veils of conditioning, programming and outdated beliefs. 

This is for the woman ready to align with her Divinity, amplify her Potency in the world and Flourish as she embodies the activations transmitted during The Reveal. 

This is for the Woman ready to alter her Frequency and become the vessel of pure creation energy she was born to be. Prosperous. Vibrant. Joyous. Free. 

Flow… there is no more ‘forcing’. Here you will feel the sweet spot. 
You will embrace your genius. 
You will see yourself, your true self, and be seen.

Together, let us dismantle the stories and beliefs that no longer serve. 
Let us listen once more to the stillness and the inner senses as they guide us home to truth, to love, to freedom, to ultimate joy. 

The Reveal. She is ready, are you? 


3x 90 minute live online sessions which will be recorded and available for you to revisit for the next 12 months.

At the completion of each 90 minute recorded session up to 60 minutes of live and unrecorded discourse, conversation, wisdom and Q&A will be held. This will be your space and time to share what’s real, what comes up for you and ask what your heart yearns to know that you’d rather not be recorded.  
This time will be as sacred as it is powerful.

Tuesday 2nd August 7pm AWST 
Thursday 11th August 5pm AWST
Wednesday 17th August 10am AWST 

Note my loves, set your world clock to Perth, Western Australia for the correct time or use time buddy app for your time zone.  Add these times and dates to your calendar in your prettiest colour with a reminder note. 

If you cannot be on live, you will find all the recordings held within the portal. Transmissions are potent no matter when you watch, while I invite you to join LIVE, I have catered to different time zones to create more ease. 

This will be a 3 module program. See a sneak peek below of what those modules will entail:

Week 1: Revealing the Shadow of Separation 
Week 2: Revealing the Shadow of Illusion 
Week 3: Revealing the Shadow of Trust

Your access to The Reveal will be via a dedicated portal on the Thinkific platform. You’ll be directed to create a free Thinkific account (super easy and fast) and to choose your payment method for the course. If you’re an alumni or participant in any of my other programs you’ll likely have a Thinkific account so you’ll just sign in to that and choose your payment method for The Reveal.

The time is nigh. 

The Reveal… embrace all parts of you and shine as the multidimensional, magical creatrix that you are! 


Choose your payment option below. 

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Please note for those currently invested in Voice of the Goddess, The Wayshower or Frequency your exclusive price is available for you via your exclusive 'The Reveal' email.


Vanessa Jean, author and transformational alchemist, has spent the past 27years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, public speaking, reading Akashic Records, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator. 

With a personal dream as a guiding force, her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through all Vanessa Jean creates.