Enter the portal of your heart, swim in the waters of your soul and step into the cavern of remembrance. This is your Pilgrimage back home.

You were born as a perfect soul and it’s time to rise into the magnificence of who you came into this life to be.

Life brings us challenges and opportunities to grow, to learn, to heal and transform.  This retreat helps you to pause life and go on this journey.

We can get so busy in the slipstream of life that we can forget to pause, step back and gain new awareness's, new perspectives and from that space realign our intentions and step onto our path renewed. Continuing our journey of a life we love.

Love creates a sweetness, a tenderness that can hold us in each moment like a motherly embrace.

Is it time for you to pause and hold yourself in a loving embrace?

To tune into what feels good and what no longer feels good to you?

To retune yourself to the melody of your heart?

We are bringing together an orchestra of potentiality. Tools, practices and techniques to support you in gaining deeper awareness about your life’s journey to date, choosing what comes next and then making it a reality.

Our journey will take us to...

Moraira, part of the Valenciana region, which remains one of the most unspoilt resorts on the Costa Blanca, with 8 km of beautiful coastline backed by mountains and surrounded by sacred sites. Our time together in this beautiful, holy place will extend 7 days/ 6 nights - October 14 (check-in from 1.30pm for a 5pm start) to October 20 (check-out 1.30pm), in our own private villa. With opportunity to stay on an extra night before and/or after for private sessions with Vanessa Jean or Lynda.

The Valenciana region will infuse our experiences with beauty, charm and the zest of life.  Nestled between the Mediterranean Sea and surrounding mountains, Moraira enjoys approximately 325 sunny days a year making this an ideal location to enjoy some sunshine and warmth in October.

A friendly small town, once a fishing village, welcomes guests from around the world. Making this a great spot for all the facilities one might want at a retreat.

We will enjoy moments of stillness and slowing down with yin yoga and Qi Gong by the pool or on the beach. There are various coves and beaches where we can enjoy group or individual meditation and sound journeys.

In your free time, you may choose to spend extra time in the crystal clear turquoise water paddle boarding or snorkelling. Together, we will also immerse in the Spanish culture by way of dance, music and food, connecting to its energy and colour.  We plan to treat you to a Valenciana paella journey, tantalising your tastebuds along with many essential oil infused goodies!

On one of the days, we will travel up to the mountain top village of Guadalest, once ruled by the Moors in the 11th century. Here, we can connect with the history of the area and enjoy some Spanish cuisine.  

You can take some time to soak up the white-washed houses and perhaps visit one of the many local museums. After this, we will spend the afternoon bathing, relaxing and receiving the transmissions of the water at the very picturesque Algar waterfalls. This will be a time of fun, healing and integration.

Feel the waters of the sacred wells converging within you, the Holy Grail, as they seamlessly overflow into the eternal waters of Mumma Gaia.

 Together, we will be all amongst the waterfalls and pathways hewn by Mother Nature and immerse in breathtaking beauty and crystal clean, holy waters as you immerse in the bountiful blessings of the divine mother.

Once here you will...

Be carried on the wings of Isis.
Gain perspective and strength of the mountains.
Be a woman who rises in her power in a new way!
Have days filled with joy, zest and fun - which will leave you joyously walking through life!
Connect with your internal fire!
Remember to trust again!
Reconnect with sensuality and artistry in the world and you.
Connect with the Chalice within your heart, a portal to your souls' remembrance.
Be surprised with what our days entail.

EXTRA: We will have a zoom session up to 6 weeks before our retreat and again 6 weeks after. Connecting, holding and creating an experience across 3 months. Integrating, preparing and creating our sacred circle of sisterhood connection via a private WhatsApp chat.


Building connections in sisterhood. Your true Self and Creator.

pilgrimage home to silence

An abundance of time to yourself to relax, integrate or simply have fun in the local culture.

crystal chalice sound journeys

With Aspects of Sophia chalice.

Algar waterfalls transmission

Swim in creation energy and receive.

wholesome meals

Nourish the mind, body & soul with vegetarian wholefood meals.

sacred soundscape

To anchor you into the space, ritual and Self.

past life regression
Intentional creation with future memories & priming your present day form.

 Created with love, colour and devotion poured into it throughout the day.

Guest facilitator masterclasses

From the regional area of Moraira, sharing their gifts with us all.

How does Past life regression support this journey?

At times, we may feel like we are not enough or do not yet have enough of a particular skill or strength to make the transitions we desire.  However, across our multiple lifetimes we will have experienced that quality at some point or various points.  

During the retreat, past life regression journeys will be fuelled with intention to lovingly help you to embody and experience the remembrance of those moments.  To immerse in those memories, feel those qualities in your body, hear their loving messages, to reconnect with this part of you and take new insights forward into future moments when you will continue to embody this energy in abundance.  This work is deeply empowering.  Our soul knows the way and together we will make the long-lasting shifts that you desire the most.

Our intention is always to hold you in a space of unconditional love and safety.   You will feel able to dive into both the light and darkness of your remembrance across this retreat.  To uncover the hidden gems of wisdom and excavate the truth of who you are.  This may mean finding and retrieving parts of yourself that you’d left behind in past lifetimes which may be causing unresolved issues in your current life.   We can work together to bring those parts of you home again.  You are on the Pilgrimage to step back fully into the fullness of you.  
With any Pilgrimage there will be times of integration, of reflection, of connecting with other like-hearted souls with shared experiences.  You may choose to use the free time that we set aside to simply journal by the pool or to take a cleansing soothing dip.  You may wish to mindfully walk along the promenade and take in the beautiful vistas of the coastline.  You may wish to immerse in the waters of one of the many award winning sandy or pebbly beaches nearby or simply soak up the sunrays at a nearby cafe and relax.  The choice is yours.  This is time for you.
Whilst we will share in many group activities and experiences, your journey will be unique to you.  Your needs will be unique to you.  We are here to support you along the way to get the most out of your sacred investment.
On this retreat you will be guided by the land. Wrapped in the embrace of mountain-scape and expansively, peaceful ocean. This landscape will delight and nourish you. 

Surprise, hidden coves, Sandy beaches that will kiss your feet with their song, spacious lands to tread upon. Earth - walkers, marine lovers, mountain worshipers you are going to love the timelessness of tranquil Moraira. 

This seaside Village brings a benediction of the sweet song of restfulness to bridge the fire of Spain! You will have time to immerse in it all, being more, doing less. 

This is a retreat. An invitation to re-treat yourself to stillness, silence where needed and walking the sacred land of Spain where pilgrims the world over have come to experience the magic.
"The gift of the Reclamation Retreat came into my life like a beautiful chime, a gift that rang out to tell me it’s time, time invest in myself and to be guided by two extraordinary women on a journey to come back to joy, to self, to love. I received those gifts and so much more. Connecting deeper to spirit, to the Mary’s, to our sacred story in an inspired and magical place, guided lovingly by the heart, wisdom and sacred insight from Vanessa Jean and Lynda. Take this step and rise."
—Peggy, Canada
"How do I put this into mere words? The Reclamation Retreat has indeed helped me to reclaim my life, my sovereignty. Vanessa Jean and Lynda pour so much love into these sacred containers that you cannot help but grow and love more fiercely. With their love and guidance and the support of the amazing goddesses here, I have accomplished the biggest shift of my life. So very, very grateful."
—Toni Imrie, Australia

Your Sacred Investment

This is an all-inclusive retreat (excluding flights and transfers).

Only 2 space remain!


For those seeking a private room you are welcome to purchase a Twin Share room to yourself.

Spaces limited.

"OMG! Yesterday was the best day of my life! It is truly magical here."
—Bonnie Lynk, USA
"I expected this retreat to be very special and precious. It is beyond that in fact. Yesterday was so, so amazing. It feels like the gentlest, yet critically necessary metamorphosis occurred for me yesterday and I’m now ready to do what I need to do. I have felt ‘blocked’ for about 18 months and now I am released. I’m full of gratitude to be here with such fabulous women. Thank you, Vanessa Jean and Lynda."
—Sinead, Ireland
"I am really grateful to have been able to join all of you on this wonderful Reclamation Retreat. It has been truly awakening. I loved your energy and love. Can’t wait to meet you again."
—Laure, Romania

Your Facilitators...

Vanessa Jean

Vanessa Jean is an intuitive channel, mentor, author, aromatherapist and energy-worker. Mumma Gaia is her muse, and she is devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birth right to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. Her heart song always brings her back to this and Mumma Gaia. 
Vanessa’s life is dedicated to walking side by side with women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive in her, and it is her desire to initiate and guide those she journeys with, home to their truth.

Lynda Gillingham

Lynda loves helping others to shine their light in the world and live a life of inspired action, self-love and joy. She gently guides those who she supports to connect with their heart's desire, to release what's holding them back from living a life they love and embodying that new version of themselves.  She is qualified in hypnotherapy, life coaching, sound healing, regression therapy, inner child healing and reiki with a passion for essential oils and nature. As a mother of 2 teens, she understands the needs and rewards of creating space for ongoing devotion for oneself as well as supporting others.