Hey there beautiful souls.

Paul and I have begun a movement that has stoked a fire in our belly and in the belly of many dear souls choosing to walk this path with us. It takes bravery, heart and courage. It takes gumption.

Together we are uniting to restore Hope to the world. Beginning with our heart song; our mission to free children from that insidious and horrific industry that is sex trafficking. In our own small way Paul and I have decided to donate everything we earn from creating a second dōTERRA business - our ‘Hope Tree of Love’, to Operation Underground Railroad Rescue (O.U.R).
Two years ago, at our dōTERRA global convention, we received the gift of listening to Tim Ballard as he shared what he does in the world. He, with his team at O.U.R., work tirelessly to free children from the sex trafficking industry all over the world. It’s not just in developing countries you guys. It’s happening in Australia, the UK, the USA to mention a few.

Here comes the #truthbomb.

There are around 2 million children subjected to a life of slavery, some being made to perform 20-50 times per day. They are young. Like really young. One of the men reported a little nine-year-old pregnant kind of young.

Children and babies are stolen or taken under the guise of ‘giving them a life and an education’, or darker still, to pay off debts. Babies are taken and groomed for a life of sexual slavery.

We refuse to sugar coat this.

We refuse to stand in judgment of those that hand their children over - they usually have no idea at all what is about to happen.

We refuse to waste our energy being angry anymore.

It’s time to do something. To create a wave of change. And we are - with a host of incredible light workers and big-hearted people wanting to make a difference in the world.

Now is your chance, if you do not already have a dōTERRA wholesale account, (if you are working with someone else stay with them), join us in this crusade to restore HOPE.

Together we are weaving miracles into being. Together we are going to free these innocents. 

Children and teens do not deserve this life. No one does. No matter their age. One person may not feel they can make much change - we're here to tell you, you can!

There are 2 ways you can help.
If you already have a dōTERRA account with these beautiful oils in your home, keep on ... and order Hope oil from your USA warehouse where 100% goes to Healing Hands, directly to O.U.R. 

Buy Hope blend monthly, as gratitude gifts, birthday gifts, I love you gifts, teacher gifts ... order it monthly and contribute in this profound way.

If you don’t have a dōTERRA wholesale account yet, we invite you to open your account with us so we can collaborate on this powerful mission and co-creation. 

In creating our second dōTERRA business, we are donating 100% of what we earn for the next 12 months to O.U.R. 

with Tim Ballard
I'm ready to make a difference!