with Vanessa Jean

This is your home coming. The moment of truth where you choose to transcend the unconscious stories, fabrications and shackles that bind you to an ordinary life, a muggle life. 

The wind is blowing at your back. The untruths that were once woven into the story of your life scatter like fallen leaves. 

You see before you beauty. Illuminescent, potent, raw. It takes your breath away. 

Visions of the mystical, magical, long forgotten parts of you swirl before you, the veil parts and you behold your light. 

The illusory exterior fades to nothingness as intrigue tugs at your awareness. 

You take a step forward. Your heart singing yes into the aether. Your Spirit is set free by your true seeing. The veil parts. You are home.


A 4 week container delivering 4 golden keys, teleporting you into the consciousness of the modern day Mystic.

 It is a place where you will 
remember your magic

Where the edges of your awareness will fray, part and open into the fathomless void. 
Where you will dance your way into the infinite realm of possibilities and 
become the Creatrix you were born to be.

Week 1: Ceremony

This is the dark time of the moon, we sit on the cusp of the New Moon and the turning of the Wheel of Life. Journey into and partake of the simplicity and breathtaking beauty of ceremony. Cacao will be our plant ally. Sound will be our beacon. Essential oils our muse. This doorway will shed a light on the Mystic who embraces sacred ceremony and breathes it into her home day by day with ease. It becomes part of her day and blesses her deeply. 

Week 2 : Allure

This is the time of the 11/11 portal, where the veil is thin and you penetrate the darkness birthing anew in your light.  This doorway opens you into the greater mysteries of allure and the magnetic heart. Connecting with this potent stellar gateway, I will bring through transmissions from StarBeings connecting you with deep galactic wisdom from the portal of your heart. Meditations, heart activations and movement to crack you open as your frequency increases, your magnetic field expands and your life alters forever. Now you know exactly how to be a magnet for miracles and all that you yearn for. You will remember how to move within the realm of the stars.

Week 3: Mystery

It is the time of the full moon, she will support your intentions, magnifying them and your practices. Through this doorway you will penetrate some of the greater mysteries, unravelling ancient practices, and bringing them to life in this exquisite moment. You will do this with a safe and expansive meditation activating the sacred breath (kundalini activation) and your pineal gland. You will remember your greatness and travel beyond this dimension - the 3rd dimension is limited by the time-space continuum. During Mystery, you will enter the quantum; the void, where all creation energy swirls. This is the realm of infinite possibilities, pure joy and expansive love. You will bring this into the eternal now.
Week 4: Embodiment
Through this final doorway you reclaim your birthright and become the embodiment of all that your soul said yes to when incarnating in this life. With a powerful DNA regeneration and activation practices, your awareness will shift into the truth of who you are and your life will become a reflection of this. You will reconnect with your I AM presence. The all pervading Divine light that dwells within you and all sentient life forms.
Stop. Breathe. Feel. 
Invite your inner Mystique to emerge.
. Feel your YES. 

Feel your YES.

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A journey where we will penetrate the aura of secrecy that insidiously enshrouds truth, masking magic, and prevents you from living as a light weaver and Wayshower on this Earth. The veil is deceptive and thick on the 3-D & 4-D planes, together we will soar through it. 

This is a journey where you will live as the powerful being you are.

Magical. Intelligent. Open. Free. Where there is cohesion between your intentions and your heart song.

Sacred Investment

$111 AUD

Our Ceremonial doorway opens, Thursday November 4th (at 4.30 pm AWST), as we enter a New Moon in Scorpio and as the great Wheel of Life turns her light to the festivals of Beltane in the Southern Hemisphere and Samhain in the Northern Hemisphere.

We gather for 90 minute, sacred journeys together. Once per week. The dates and times are just below.

This is a powerful time you are living, I invite you to shatter the veils of the great forgetting and enter the bliss that comes with remembrance

Feel your YES… walk through the doorways of Mystique with me.

Mystique Access

$111 AUD

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November 4th at 4.30pm AWST
November 11th at 4.30pm AWST
November 18th at 4.30pm AWST
November 25th at 3.30pm AWST*
*Note: Our 4th session together is at a different time.

This offering will be available via ZOOM.
A live ZOOM call where you are fully held and guided. To receive and dig deep.
Your ZOOM link to join each week will be the same, and available to you at the bottom of your emailed ticket that you receive upon purchase.

Recordings will be available within 48 hours of gathering and will be sent via email. 
You will have full access to watch and re-watch these for 30 days (until DEC 25th 2021).
Note: Please check your junk/promotion folders for emails.

Each gathering will be unique. I will be in my Akashic Records, and will bring the light and unconditional love of  this space to our sacred circle and the hearts of all.

This is a one off offering to the collective at this time.

I would love to see you there, in circle with us.
"Such an amazing and magical journey through the 5 magical elements. Vanessa Jean is so amazing, wonderful and supportive through this journey. I have had such a major shift happen to me which I am eternally grateful for."
    —Annette Baker, Whisperings of the Goddess Alumni
"The journey we went on in Voice of the goddess was really something else . Weaving in Magic from all of our Allies , the elements , plants , guardians, our star family , Pachamama , our ancestors , Akasha , the goddess in all of her shapes and forms.

Guided by an incredible sister , Vanessa Jean , as we journeyed into our hearts and the essence of our Soul , finding our Voice and remembering who we are!

The whole experience was absolutely Magical , I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this exquisite journey and be held in such a sacred space by Vanessa Jean and the other incredible women who were there. Vanessa deeply embodies the wisdom that she has to share , she is a Way Shower , Magic Weaver , it was an absolute honour to receive her medicine, she pours her heart and soul into her offerings and it is felt in every moment."
—Siobhan Kilshaw, Voice of the Goddess Alumni

Let’s Dance through these doorways together. Each opening into a new transmission. A new integration. A new YOU. 

I will see you there.  

In love and an abundance of Magic, 

Vanessa Jean xx 

Vanessa Jean, author and transformational alchemist, has spent the past 25years expanding and honing her knowledge base and skills in aromatherapy, public speaking, reading Akashic Records, sound therapy, meditation, retreat facilitating, and as a raw and wholefood cooking facilitator. With a personal dream as a guiding force, her dream of bringing people together, healing emotional and physical pain through sound, nutrition and aromatherapy, and giving people the gift of returning to a life of love, health of spirit, mind and body and returning to our natural state of joy has found living expression through Food Alchemy with Vanessa Jean

See her most recent book, co-authored with Adam Barralet “Gifts of the Essential Oils”.