Journey of the Soul

Imrama is a voyage your soul recognises. It intrinsically knows the pathways to follow. These pathways are encoded in your light DNA. Your soul knows the pathways to follow even when you feel you do not. Trust. Trust in this deeply known journey that we all must undertake in this lifetime.

My loves, allow me to begin with a private note from me. 
I find myself in a place that I have not been in before within the ‘public’ arena. This is usually something I reserve for very intimate gatherings and moments with myself at home beneath a canopy of stars. This offering is one that comes from my Cosmic Family. Some of you will relate to this, others won’t. That is ok. This is more for those of you wanting to connect with StarBeings. Beings of such potent light that your soul smiles in recognition. This is for those of you wanting live channeled sessions with these Cosmic Wisdom Keepers and the Akashic Masters. 

IMrama is a transmission from Andromeda and the Akashic Records - the Universal library storing all information on all lifetimes, past, present and future. 

IMrama will take you into the cosmic portal beyond the time-space continuum. It is a place where the miraculous is a consistent light stream, because here, you are wired for miracles and the unexpected. 

IMrama will pour light codes into you, giving you space to integrate them, expanding into a new you, code by sacred code. 

IMrama is simple. Elegant. Pristine. 

IMrama is a sanctuary of awakening and remembrance. 

IMrama is a portal of deep remembrance & illumination via a higher frequency vortex of Creation.

I want to offer something sublimely relevant to this current moment in time. Something that will guide you into harnessing the power and potency of accessing and living in a 6th Dimensional vibration. 

If this is singing into your cells… Read on.

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the Mysterious” 

- Albert Einstein -

The Codes

Week by week you will be guided, from the sacred space 
of the Akashic Records, into your light. 

Love Codes 
This is where it all begins, ends and what life revolves around. 
The illusive song of love… is right where you least expect it.

Wealth Codes 
This is a life altering piece that most people ‘search’ for and yearn for, to no avail. 
We change that here and now. 

Wisdom Codes 
Accessing and harnessing your wisdom, guiding yourself through 
troubled waters without drowning, fulfilling your soul mission with joy. 

Light Codes
Embrace a new way of living, as the live channel you were born to be. 
Remembering how to activate and live as a conduit of light. 

You will experience everything 

You will Feel

You will Remember

Awakening Codes in Wealth, Love, Intimacy, Spirit + Light. 

Turn yourSelf all the way On. 
"The whole experience was absolutely Magical , I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in this exquisite journey and be held in such a sacred space by Vanessa Jean and the other incredible women who were there.

Vanessa deeply embodies the wisdom that she has to share , she is a Way Shower , Magic Weaver , it was an absolute honour to receive her medicine, she pours her heart and soul into her offerings and it is felt in every moment.

The Human Spirit is so beautiful , when we allow ourselves to see and be seen , to open our hearts and let love in , we create space for Magic to happen".

Shiobhan Killshaw
Voice of the Goddess Alumni


- $444 USD -


The Codes + transmissions-
Are now available via 4 x 60min recordings in their sacred online portal.

Come join me in this sacred space xo

"My Akashic Record reading with Vanessa Jean was like a conversation with my soul. It helped me gain a better understanding of myself and gave me clarity around some life decisions. It’s like having a big hug from infinite, divine love.” 

Marie McNamara
Akashic Record Reading

Vanessa was so encouraging, loving and supportive through the whole process. It was lovely to connect and learn with other goddesses. There was so much freedom to be who I am meant to be. Using my voice, dancing and laughter (with a few tears) were all part of the process. I am so grateful that Vanessa put so much effort into making this course about freeing ourselves. 

Jenny Haig
Whisperings of the 
Goddess Alumni

Such an amazing and magical journey through the 5 elements. Vanessa Jean was so amazing, wonderful and supportive through this journey. I have had such a major shift happen to me which I am eternally grateful for. 

Annette Baker
Whisperings of the 
Goddess Alumni

A Love Note:

The whisperings of your soul are increasing, they are growing louder, summoning you to your light path. 

Behind the vistas of perception, much activity and assistance can be found. You may already be feeling the pull of these loving guides of light, you might already be listening. 

More and more souls are gathering around the collective yes.

Many are already releasing, refining and realigning their vibration in order to receive the transmissions needed to expand, soar and live as your soul intended. 

The currents of energy ready to stream in from the 6th dimension are awaiting your receptivity. 

With these you align with love, only love. 

You may feel stretched or confronted, as you move beyond what is expected and enter the spaciousness and playful dynamics of these wise beings from Akasha and the Stars. Nothing is separate from you, In IMRAMA you will remember this and experience your Self in true your light. 

Over our time together you will attune your frequency to magnify your light and capacity to live as a being of loving, centred strength and magic. Your understanding of it all will come from deep within the chambers of your heart. Your soul will lead the way. 

IMRAMA is the remembrance. 

IMRAMA is the return home to love. 

Loving you deeply, joyously, expansively, 

Vanessa Jean x

I am grateful to journey this with the courageous light weavers saying yes to IMRAMA.

Will you join me in