The question that arose in my heart this day was this: What if I could wholeheartedly guide magnificent and mighty women into remembering to devote themselves to themselves. Not only this, but to be devoted to being the embodiment of the truth that lies within the flame of their own divinity. 
To sit at the altar of their heart and decide to move to the rhythmic beat of their highest version of Self. 

Thus, devotion was born.

This is not a course or a program or a mentorship. 

This is an alteration in your frequency. This transmission is a series of embodiment devotionals that will afford you three opportunities to alter your frequency to step into the WayShower you were born to be, via three sacred gateways of your body, the temple of your Soul.

Firstly your mind will become your greatest ally. Crystal clear. Toned. Finely tuned. Then, your inner ear will open to the song of your heart and you will enter into the flame within your sacred heart, entering into oneness from within this powerful chamber. Lastly, you will meet your inner Creatrix and Wise Woman as you weave the silken red thread of life into the sanctuary of your Womb Space. 

Within the Devotion portal...

We meet over zoom, in three 90minute gatherings
Date Nights: Saturday! 
September 10, 17 & 24
Time: 7pm AWST 
(Pop these times in your calendars in your prettiest colour)

These dates are key times: 
The 10th is the full moon in Pisces amplifying, inviting radical change, harmony in your emotional realm and sharpening your mental focus.

The 17th marks the 2nd day Artemis Retrograde - a powerful goddess to enter the chambers of the heart with. 

The 24th takes us deeply into the Equinox portal - utterly perfect for our womb ceremony. This is also the time of the waning moon, guiding all to release and be guided by the Dark Goddess. 

You will be guided through each ceremony and devotional, week by week with tools, blends, sacred tones and meditation. These will be the dear friends you will be able to lean into to enhance your daily practice and devotion to Self. 

Week 1: Your Holy Mind - A gift
The mind is often given a bad wrap. In reality, it is as sacred and as much a valuable asset to you as any other organ, chakra or energy system. To move beyond the mind does not mean to ignore it. It is to become consciously aware that your habits and past conditioning are often running the show, thereby tricking you into believing you are disempowered when in fact, you can be the supernatural, magic-weaving Goddess you were born to be. The creatrix of your life! 

Essential oil companions will be of the Air Element with the leaf oils. This element and the leaves are great allies of the mind. You will learn to amplify the effects of the leaves with two mighty resins that take you beyond the illusory imprints and into the truth of who you are. 

Week 2:  Your Sacred Heart - A Journey 
This time is nigh for you to express the storehouse of love from within your heart of hearts, authentically and powerfully into the world. As without, so within. This is a sacred journey, a meditation of remembrance highlighting that to be led by your heart, is to live by the inherent nature you came in with this lifetime. As above, so below. You will connect with the Cosmic heart above and Earth heart- via the portal of your heart. 
The bridge between your mind, heart and womb begins here. 

Essential oil companions will be of the Water Element with the Floral Queendom. This element and the essential oils from the flowers are mighty champions of the Heart. You will explore blends to deepen your connection, open and return to wholeness within the Heart Sanctuary. 

Week 3: Your Wise Womb - A Ceremony
Unlock the might and wisdom stored within your womb portal. 
While your Lineage is powerful beyond measure, it can also impede progress lifecycle after lifecycle. From within this sacred womb ceremony, you will begin to clear intergenerational traumas, stories, density and wounding that halts your evolution. Equally, this ceremony will honour those from within your lineage and you will meet and integrate the wise woman of your womb. She will guide you to release the ‘people pleaser’ and the one who wants to fix or heal others, taking on what is not her own and suffering as a consequence. Your wise womb ceremony will be curated especially for the women of Devotion, from within the Akashic Records. 

Essential oil companions will be a mix of the Aromatic Kingdoms and Queendom. Harnessing the potency of Myrrh and Rose, anchoring transformation with the Earth Element and regaining power with the Fire Element. Companion essential oils from these elements will be used to guide the restoration of your wise womb and the Creatrix energy she harbors. 

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To follow the path of your Divinity and live as Goddess you truly are, you must first say yes to the invitation to DEVOTION. For this is the path of authenticity, sovereignty and magick! 

“When you invest in yourself you invest in your future”
- Dr Joe Dispenza

DEVOTION is a place of beauty, clarity, love and wisdom. 

Your true self is summoning you… will you heed the call?

About your guide

I am an intuitive channel, mentor, author and energy-worker. I am devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birthright to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. My heart song always brings me back to this and Mumma Gaia. 

My life is dedicated to walking side by side with women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive in me and it is my desire to initiate and guide those I journey with, home to their truth. To work with gifted beings, ready to lift the veil of the great forgetting and live their soul mission here on Earth, with their inner senses, heart and intuition as their guiding force. 

I guide you to enter the chambers of your sacred heart, to unlock the wisdom and grace therein. It is my joy to take you into the portals of pure creation energy, to unleash your pure potential and infinite power. 

With love and deepest devotion,
Vanessa Jean x