Let us take a step back in time connecting with ancient bloodlines and lineage. Let us walk together hand in hand as we reclaim long lost magick and wisdom and create a new life where future memories and olde lore collide to bring us all back into a harmonious union with the land and the stars.

We have dedicated five sublime retreats to woman and her eternal spirit. Each has their own unique signature, energetic encoding and purpose.  They are all imbued with magic and mystery in the faraway lands of Avalon, Avebury and St Nectan’s Glen, along the great South-West coast of England. They will be intimate, personal and rich with overflowing blessings from Gaia, our Earth Mother. 

Each retreat has their own potent story to tell. Whether you choose to come to one or all of these retreats is up to you. Know this, for those that say yes, your life will forever change. There is no way that you can step onto this formidable land and not feel the kiss of the wind singing into your cells and their lush green vistas chanting stories and songs into your heart, unfurling tendrils of new DNA strands from within you. They will stir the currents of your inner waters and stoke your embers into a grand and passionate fire as you reclaim your lineage to Priestess, Wise Woman, Healer, Songstress and Goddess!
in all awakening retreats

  • Cacao ceremonies
  • Creation time - curated essential oil blends, decadent Cacao treats, Altar pieces created with elements from the land - to use at the retreats and some to take home (anchoring you to your energy you may want to embody when you return home)
  • Self-enquiry exercises 
  • Practical tools, ceremonies and devotionals to integrate into your daily life
  • Plant based menu - Nourishing and honouring your sacred body Temple with vibrant, locally sourced food (exceptions of eggs for protein, honey and milk for tea; for those desiring these).
  • Forest Bathing - Shinrin Yoku and mindful walking practices
  • Space to be still and integrate energies
  • Immersion in the Akashic Records and DNA regeneration practices

Walk with us along the ancient pathways and slip beyond the veils of the great forgetting into deep remembrance...
13 JUNE 2023
“You are Earth; the rhythm of your Ancestors moves through your sacred pulse with every season and cycle. Connect to both soil and stars, your wisdom is innate”
~Asha Frost 

This is a succulent moment in the space between our residential retreats. 
The in-between… the magical space that lies beyond the veil and beyond the mists of Avalon. This space is my favourite place to be. It is homecoming. It is life-giving. 
It is a call to action to renew vows long ago made when you knew who you were when you said yes to returning to the Earth. 

Many Humans long to feel enchanted, to connect with realms unseeable by the naked eye. They have a longing to connect to the spark of creation energy that pulsates through the land, undulating like the serpents that lie coiled deep within the womb of the Earth. 

Mystical Avalon has captured the hearts of many. She is the mistress calling you home. She is the one who remembers and knows who you are. She will confront you on this, guiding you home to deep pleasures, ecstatic bliss and mind-blowing revelations. She is unafraid of what is lurking in the shadows and what has been denied for so long, because she embraces all the light and all the darkness knowing they co-exist harmoniously. 

Join us for one day and a night of sweet immersion as we walk the sacred grounds of Avalon: Isle of Apples - the Heart Chakra of the Earth. Where the leylines of Michael and Magdalena and the Dragon Mother swirl and converge along some of the most potent landscapes and mystical sites. The veil is thin here inviting you to unite in love and to remember you are both human and divine. 

Here you will journey with us up the Holy Tor and meet the Dragons beneath, you will walk the enchanted lands of the Abbey and break bread together beneath the trees. You will walk into the Holy Chalice Gardens through the powerful gatekeepers and into the Chalice Well. You will take part in ancient ceremonies and joyful reunions of the long-lost parts of yourself. You will walk the beautiful pathways beneath ancient trees and experience the sanctity of the Magdalene Chapel and her gardens. You will journey to the Holy Sites and experience it from the space of your heart, reawakening this energy center within you and bringing profound healing to your wise womb. 

In the evening you will join us for a private circle - this will be a channeled experience with sound journey, meditation and wisdom from the Akashic Records.
Novala Room, Ground Floor, The Goddess House, 28 Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

10-8pm Tuesday 13th of June 2023

Sacred walking tour of Avalon
Devotion - and evening sister circle
Wholefood shared lunch
Plus, an abundance of tools, love and connection as listed below

INVESTMENT: $111USD for a limited time

*Flights, transfers + accommodation not included

  • Immerse in the vastness of the Akashic Records from where all channelings, activations and ceremonies will occur
  • Connect with the Heart Chakra of the Earth and feel her pulse course though you as your feet take you down ancient passageways and you reclaim your ancient lineage whilst simultaneously creating a potent future legacy via the Heart Portal
  • Sacred anointing ritual at Chalice Well Gardens
  • Journey on foot to the Holy Tor and meet the Dragons beneath 
  • Walk the enchanted lands of the Abbey and break bread together beneath the trees
  • Walk into the Holy Chalice Gardens through the powerful gatekeepers and into the Chalice Well
  • Walk the beautiful pathways beneath ancient trees and experience the sanctity of the Magdalene Chapel and her gardens
  • In the evening we will gather for ancestral healing with regression and sound
  • Ancient ceremonies and joyful reunions of the long-lost parts of yourself (in the evening)


Day Retreat


  • Sacred Walking Tour
  • Evening Sister Circle

14 JUNE 2023
This is a sacred call to stand in the presence of your Divinity and to walk the pathways past, present and future upon the Isle of Avalon. 

The energetics of this sacred heart land will bring you to your most courageous act. The act of reclaiming your magic, divinity and wisdom. 

Avalon has her own brand of magic and when she calls to you, you will feel her. 
She will not be denied forever, so whether you choose now or later to walk the ancient pathways into a new future, it is up to you. Avalon is eternal. She will wait. 

Initiation is a coming together of WayShowers. It is the time for women to gather around the sacred hearth fire and to dance through the holy apple orchards that give this isle her beautiful name. 

Initiation is a day where you will be reunited with like hearts and souls and come together to bask in sacred teachings that you will immediately be able to weave into your practical daily life. For holistic practitioners and adepts of the healing arts, you will love the immersion into the varying modalities we will share. 

The Divine speaks directly to you. You do not need an intermediary to be a channel for you. You are the channel, you are the seer, your heart is the most holy of holies. 
On this day you will rediscover the wisdom that lies within the chamber of your heart. You will rediscover your true nature as a wise woman in your own right and receive transmissions to take you deeper, more simply. 

The practices shared on this day are designed to help you navigate the shift from predominantly living from the mind to the heart. This is the Return to Love.

Special Guest Facilitator, Hattie Northeast will be joining us.
Hattie is an intuitive Animal Communicator and Reiki Master whose soul purpose is to serve our wonderful Animal Kingdom. Attuned to Egyptian Sekhem healing and Karuna Reiki, Hattie is able to offer a deep level of healing to all species (humans included!) helping us to reach clarity on a heartfelt level. 

‘I am beyond grateful to share this ancient skill, connecting us to our animals and realigning us humans back to our roots and natural world.’

Novala Room, Ground Floor, The Goddess House, 28 Magdalene Street, Glastonbury BA6 9EJ

10-6pm Wednesday 14th of June 2023

Sacred sister circle
Special guest facilitator - Hattie Northeast - Animal Communicator and Reiki Master
Wholefood shared lunch
Plus, an abundance of tools, love and connection as listed below

INVESTMENT: $111USD for a limited time only

*Flights, transfers + accommodation not included

  • Intuitive animal communication practices - developing practices to connect to the world around us, our domestic and wild animals for deeper connection
  • Sound healing practices and teaching with voice and drum - using your voice as a channel for healing, including toning for one's own mental and emotional wellbeing and supporting others - overcoming fear around using your voice, including learning practices for throat clearing and opening - learning sacred drumming practices, including connecting with ancestors and supporting your own healing
  • Attuning the heart space and forming a bridge between heart and throat chakras - allowing, trusting, expressing your truth 
  • Tapping into the Eternal Now for guidance from the collective consciousness - trusting your own intuition 
  • Creating energetic boundaries and protection




  • Special guest facilitator


Vanessa Jean

Vanessa Jean is an intuitive channel, mentor, author, aromatherapist and energy-worker. Mumma Gaia is her muse, and she is devoted to love and the return to love. To humanity reclaiming their birth right to a life of sublime bliss, deepest joy and heart-opening love. Her heart song always brings her back to this and Mumma Gaia. 
Vanessa’s life is dedicated to walking side by side with women ready to embrace and live a magical and enriched life. The WayShower spirit is alive in her and it is her desire to initiate and guide those she journeys with, home to their truth.

Lynda Gillingham

Lynda loves helping others to shine their light in the world and live a life of inspired action, self-love and joy. She gently guides those who she supports to connect with their heart's desire, to release what's holding them back from living a life they love and embodying that new version of themselves.  She is qualified in hypnotherapy, life coaching, sound healing, regression therapy, inner child healing and reiki with a passion for essential oils and nature. As a mother of 2 teens, she understands the needs and rewards of creating space for ongoing devotion for oneself as well as supporting others.

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